Friday, September 01, 2006

Falling into FALL!!!!

Where has the summer gone????

All this week work has been crazy busy because kids are headed back to school and it just seems so hard to believe that the summer has flown by. Next thing you know I will have to start getting out my fall “work clothes” and start visiting schools again. The thought of having to wear stockings, tights, suits and dress shoes again is just too much to bear on such a sunny day!!!

Summer 2006 has had it’s ups and downs. Things started off badly when Emily was diagnosed with Canine Dilated Cardio-Myopathy and then quickly succumbed to the disease.

The summer plodded along, Buoy the Wonder Dog came into my home, but quickly he needed more space and one on one time than I could give him. Because of Buoy I got to know the folks from New England Dog Training Club, they are great folks who really know their stuff. Buoy also taught me it’s good to know your limits and most importantly he taught me I could love a dog enough to work with him and even let him go. Buoy, now called Tucker has settled in nicely in his new home and I feel grateful to have known him and had those experiences with him.

The Fourth of July was glorious as usual and of course there was the annual unexpected boat snafu. The additive ethanol kept the boat off the water and in for repairs for over 3 weeks.

August brought Dory to me and I am constantly amazed at what a great dog she is. After being here a month now she is truly at ease in our home now and each day she brings a smile to my face. Chris mentioned just the other day how funny she is and how each day some new small trait pops out – she has a great personality. Dory is a mischief-maker, a cuddle bug, a camera ham, an attention hound, counter surfer and just a big goof.

Who knows what September and beyond holds. Fall is my favorite season and I am looking forward to sunny days, crisp nights and everything apple!! Work has me traveling around a bit, to places like Plymouth, New Bedford and even the Berkshires. On the personal side more boating lays ahead and settling in with Dory. Dory and I also have a visit to Mom's planned to meet "doggie family members" Zachary, Mollie and Lucy.

I can hardly wait winter so Dory can see her first snowfall and snow piling up in large quantities – I wonder if she will like it. The holidays also are on track to be busy; we are traveling out to Saratoga quite a bit and others are making their way from all over.

My one parting thought today – I wish everyone a peaceful and joyful fall season this year.

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