Friday, September 22, 2006

When the moon is in the seventh house....

Okay I know this is corny, but I typed in zodiac sign dogs into Google and I landed on a web page that not only gave a “doggie” description for each zodiac sign, but it gave a pet/owner zodiac comparison! This was too funny!

All I really wonder was what traits do Sagittarius dogs have, you know, just for laughs. When I got to the website I nearly fell over laughing. Under the words Sagittarius it had the words - problem dog. (oh no…)

The moral of the story kids is don’t believe everything you read but I must admit the owner/pet comparisons were pretty on the nose.

I am an Aquarius so it says:

The Aquarius human will have a lot of fun with a Sagittarius pet. The energies here blend harmoniously and there is seldom (if ever) any friction between pet and human in this relationship. The Sagittarius pet will be flexible enough to go along with any strange ideas the avant-garde mind of the Aquarius human might conjure up. In addition, both Sagittarius pet and Aquarius human are full of energy...although the human may not possess the physical stamina of his or her pet. At the end of the day, however, this is something that can be worked out and is unlikely to make any difference to what will undoubtedly be a marvelous relationship.

I have to say this is pretty on target. Now Chris, our dear fellow is a Virgo and it said this:

The Sagittarius pet will most probably prove to be a little too wild for the taste of the Virgo human. Virgo natives (regardless of species) like to direct their energies in a methodical and quiet manner, whereas Sagittarius natives (again, regardless of species) prefer a gregarious and ubiquitous approach. The Virgo human will want to stay put and get things done, but the Sagittarius pet will probably have an entirely different, which will likely involve some type of physical activity. It will be difficult for the Virgo human to keep this pet quiet while he or she is busy with all the Virgo-appointed chores. In short, the energetic Sagittarius pet will want to "go" and the Virgo human will want to "stay" or, the Virgo human will want to work while the Sagittarius pet will want to play. A Sagittarius pet prefers to be constantly active, but the Virgo human can only take that in short doses. All in all, this relationship could easily turn into something of a tug-o-war between pet and human.

Oddly enough, right on target, Christopher makes Mr. Clean look like a slovenly hobo. So based on my web research Dory and I will be frantically romping and all over the place while Chris quietly tidies up behind us.

I know it sounds crazy, but this isn’t too far from how it is. Chris is the king of tidy, neat and ship shape, I on the other hand take an Aquarius/artist tact, and like things a bit more how shall I say…messy. Each night Chris puts all of Dory’s toys on her bed in the family room and every day Dory and I work really hard to have as much fun and frolic with them.

Next time I get a “you need to be more tidy” lecture from Chris – all I have to say is apparently it is written in the stars!!

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