Monday, September 25, 2006

Well after all - it is fall.....


The seasons in New England are crazy, one day you are sweating and the next Dory and I are all set to hibernate for the winter.

Not much is going on this week - Thursday Dory and I get to show off how little progress we've made on loose leash walking, but we seem to be great on sit, better on down and she seems to like to sit and stay.

If I could only stop her from countersurfing - today's take was a cream cheese containter. Thank heavens it was almost empty. If you are reading this and have some thoughts - please don't hesitate to share!!!! I'm too short to keep everything out of her reach.

The plan for the week, pack to go visit Mom and her furry friends and practice, practice, practice all our dog class homework!!

Now the picture below IS NOT DORY - but it is a very cute Lab in SCUBA doggles - hee hee! I saw it while scoping out other blogs and I just couldn't help myself. I had to share...

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