Monday, September 18, 2006

News Blues...

Okay, just one more thing to worry about as a pet owner. I was looking at the Boston Globe on line today and saw a story about a Therapy Dog. I thought cool, and clicked on the link only to find not a happy go lucky, heartwarming therapy dog story but a full blown cry and sniffle at the mere thought therapy dog has cancer story.

I mean here is this beautiful Golden Retriever, doing work she loves with sick children and the elderly and the story says the owner noticed a small bump that looked like a bee sting. I’m thinking no big deal till I read that it was cancer and if the dog doesn’t respond to steroids and chemo they may have to remove a large portion of her snout!!

Here is the link to the story:

I was just crying my eyes out as I read this thing, not only was it a story but there were about a dozen photos of this poor dog doing her therapy work. It was heart wrenching.

I suppose pets like children remind us that each day is a gift and as their caregivers we must be vigilant about their health, for dogs have no way to say, “hey something is wrong here.”

All I can say is thank heavens Dory is in good health. This weekend was low key, I imagine she thinks all the singing when the University of Michigan (our favorite team) scores is a bit silly but she always comes over to me and wags her tail as I shout out “Go Blue!”

I know nothing is for sure in this life, but every day I pray for Dory to have a long and healthy life. (and I confess – I add a little prayer that UM gets to the Rose Bowl too)

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