Friday, March 30, 2007

Stupid Pet News - A New Feature

Hi. Mom and I had a chat and we have decided to add a new feature to our blog - however between you and me I think it should actually be called stupid human news involving innocent furry friends. Anyhow, Fridays Mom and I spend extra time together and in todya's Boston globe was the following story from California.

I gotta tell you this human mom sounds a little nutty to me!!

Mom allegedly tells girls to steal dog

March 29, 2007
ANTIOCH, Calif. --A woman who allegedly instructed her two young daughters to steal a neighbor's dog was arrested on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and grand theft.
Nora Vasquez' arrest Wednesday came a week after her daughters, ages 7 and 9, told their elementary school principal they snatched the missing mutt on their mother's orders.

A witness to the daylight dog-napping earlier this month told investigators that he saw two girls jump out of an SUV and grab the pooch from a neighbor's porch while a woman shouted at them to hurry.
"We wonder why our children wind up the way they do," said Antioch Police Lt. Pat Welch. "It's unbelievable someone would take a 7- and 9-year-old and encourage them to do that and think it's appropriate behavior."

Vasquez, 35, acknowledged she told the girls to get the dog, a 1-year-old Chihuahua-Pekinese mix named Guppi, but told investigators she thought the pet was in danger from another dog nearby, according to Welch.

Vazquez was released on $20,000 bail, Welch said. The Associated Press could not find a listed telephone number for her.

The sisters first came under suspicion in Guppi's disappearance when a school librarian noticed one of them reacting strangely to a sign the dog's owners posted offering a reward for its return. The pair was summoned into the principal's office, where they confessed, according to Welch.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm on the case!!

Hi!! It's me Dory - Mom and Dad have BOTH been busy and my blog was put on the back burner this week!! HRRMMMPHHH! NOT FAIR!!!! As you can see by these photos I love to not only blog - but visit my internet doggie friends. I believe we were leaving a comment for Peanut, I love his photos!
Sometimes I really have to insist that Mom does a direct quote when I leave messages for my pals!!

Now because we haven't blogged at all this week I thought I'd show you my "bits". Mom grumbled about this project because she said I wiggle around WAY too much!!

Here is my right eye - pretty, but I prefer my left one! I have my eye on you!!

Here is my front paws...

There is my cold wet nose!

This is my tail and look at my toes!!!

Oh and look over here - my dear - is that my right ear???

Paws, Nose, Toes - I am starting to sound like Dr. Seuss or Mom after a glass of wine! Please save me!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Mom and I should call this post, "You want snow, we got snow!" We had an absolutely super visit at Gramma's house!!
When we got in the car in Boston it was dry and cloudy - but by the time we got to Gramma's house it was snowing like crazy!! Our trip to Saratoga normally takes about 3 hours, unfortunately THIS TRIP took SIX HOURS!!!
When we got to Gramma and Uncle Harvey's house I could hardly believe my doggie eyes!! I wanted to go out with Uncle Harvey and my friends Zachary and Mollie to see all the snow with my own eyes!!
Mollie looks like a cupcake dog covered in powdered sugar!!
Zach looks like he's been attacked by a snowman!!
Molllie has such dense fur that the snow just sticks to her all over!!
When Mom and I got up the next morning it was official - 15 inches of snow!!
Mom looked out and could barely see our Jeep for all the snow!!
Mom had to do a lot of digging and sweeping to get the Cherokee free of all the snow and ice!! Good thing she brought her mittens and long underwear!!
The snow was so much fun! I sniffed it, ate it, tossed it on my nose, rolled in it and had a good old time.
At first I stayed on the deck but then struck out for the wilds of the yard.I explored every snow covered corner of the property!
Mom likes this photo - you can barely see me - but I was tuck tail running at full speed through the snow! Mom calls it my action shot.
Here is the other side of the yard - it was so cool to roam all around.
I am looking through the snow to see if I missed anything.
Finally, Mom called me in to thaw out a bit!
Mom tried her best to take pictures of Zach, me and Mollie all together - but we didn't stay still much all weekend. When we weren't playing in the snow we were playing in the house!
Here I am kissing my best furry friend Mollie. Nothing beats wet nose smooches right in your ear!!
When we were leaving Mollie was napping. Gramma said I wore poor old Mollie right out! I think she is just dreaming about our next visit!
So that was our trip to New York. By Monday the snow plowmen had cleaned up all the highways and we had a short trip back to Boston. It was great to spend time with some of the people we love, but I missed Dad and it was nice to come home. Oh and we only had about 8 inches of snow in Boston while were were gone - Dad said it was icy and icky - not nice fluffy snow like Gramma's snow! I love Gramma's snow!!!!
I also must confess I missed reading all my doggie friend's blogs!! Did Mom actually say Maggie has a new brother?? And Doof eerr, I mean Tanner had surgery!! OH NO - I better stop writing and start reading!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

On the road again...

Good morning!!

Dory here and boy, I have to tell you last night I was very worried. My mom was rushing all around the house and I had no idea why!! Every so often she would stop and say' "It's okay Dor" and go back to rushing around.

Now I have read alot of doggie blogs and one thing I know is that when a human says "it's okay" that something bad usually happens to a good dog! A couple of doggie bloggers have even ended up at the "VET" and had surgery to remove "PARTS" - Boo and a few others know all about that!!!

Well, finally I saw Mom pack up ziploc bags with my food and fishy pills and mark them "Dory Meal" - Boy, was I relieved. The only time Mom packs up my food like that is when we are on our way to GRAMMA'S HOUSE!!

I finally bugged Mom enough that she sat down with me and confirmed that we are indeed going to visit Gramma and Uncle Harvey in New York! Woo Hoo!! Going to Gramma's is very fun, lots of yard to run free in, two doggie "cousins" to play with and Uncle Harvey is a firm believer in sharing snacks with his four footed friends!!

So Mom pretty much has her "going to Gramma's" bag packed and there is stuff to be loaded into the Jeep. The trip to Gramma's is about 3 hours - just long enough to get a good nap in!! I love to ride in the Jeep because Mom always brings toys, treats and I have my own special doggie bed and the whole back of the Jeep to myself. I could do with out the bars, but Mom says it for my safety and so I don't bother her or Dad while they drive - driving is serious work I guess!

I can hardly wait till we hit the road!! For those of you who don't know my Gramma has two black Lab doggies just like me!! Zachary is 12 years old and plays sometimes and Mollie is 7 and TONS OF FUN to play with!! We run, chase growl, watch squirrels and chimunks and all kinds of neat stuff out in the country where Gramma lives.

Mom said she used to live near Gramma in the country but that she had to come to the city to get smart. I have no idea why she had to leave a fun place like Gramma's - I guess getting smart means you have to travel!!

The only thing Mom said she was worried about was the "forecast". The little man on the talking noise box said it was going to snow on Friday. This made Mom frown. I've been waiting for snow all winter. Growing up down south I didn't see too much snow and ice and Mom promised that New England gets lots of snow, but for some reason it never came this year.

The tiny man in the talking noise box said we had 6 inches of snow this winter and normally Boston gets about 40 inches - Dad said to Mom it was global warming. I think he was confused because it was very cold last week when Patti was walking me - she said it was "below zero"!!!

Well snow or not, the plan is for Mom and I to head off to New York tomorrow after she is done with work and errands in the morning. Mom told Dad that our estimated time of departure was noonish. Dad was worried about the snow but Mom said she packed my pretty red coat and that the Jeep had new shoes so every thing would be just fine.

I trust Mom, but I have to say I looked at the Jeep this morning and I certainly did not see any shoes on that thing!!! I will tell you all about our adventures when we get back on Monday - I'll make sure Mom takes lots of pictures too!! I hope all my dog blog pals, family and friends have a great weekend - WOOF!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I know it is hard to believe - but Dory and I have been pretty speechless with all the nice comments, questions and nomination for photo of the month at Dogs With Blogs. (Thanks Avery, you are such a cutie)

It is a lazy Sunday here, Dory and her dad are snoozing and after finishing up some projects around the house I finally have the house and blog to myself!

Everyone asked all about the boat and I think we answered almost all those questions. It is due to be launched at Winter Island Park in Salem MA on April 1, 2007. Once it is in the water and the weather and sea conditions permit Dory will be back on the high seas with us!!

Someone, Freda, I believe asked if Dory was named after the fish or the boat - and I have to say that everyone under the age of about ten years old believes that Dory must be named for the ultra cute character in Finding Nemo, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres.
However, in our lives prior to being a couple Chris always had boy Labs and I always had girl Labs - so when Emily passed and we adopted Dory, we chose a name that represented something we both enjoy and that is boating.

Every year in Gloucester Masssachusetts the Cape Ann rowing club has tons of "dory boats" rowing in a competition called the Blackburn Challenge. Dory's are cute practical boats and we felt that Dory was a cute and practical name for our newest member of our little family. So, yes - Dory is named for the boat, but we don't mind if you prefer thinking of her as being named for the fish too!

It also came up in converstations with Sophie that Dory and I are big hockey fans and despite our location we are big Montreal Canadiens fans!! (GO HABS)
It's not that we don't like the Bruins, it's just when I was young we lived near enough for my first sporting event to be a Montreal Hockey game with my Dad. Once a Montreal fan - always a Montreal fan. (Sorry to all my Boston area readers, friends and neighbors)

Sophie also asked about how Dory got such pretty eyes - and honestly we wish we knew. She was a rescue dog from Labs4Rescue and we feel fortunate enough that we got some health records with a birthday on them!! Who ever her doggie parents were we hope that any brothers and sisters she may have had got good homes too!! Our Dory is sweet, mild mannered, caring and very sensitive and where ever it came from in her family tree we are happy to have her!!

Last but not least we have to give a big shout out to Butchy, Snickers and their mom Linda. Dory and I decided to send a little surprise their way and it was so much fun to see the pictures and video on their website when their "Dino CUZ" toys arrived!! It gave us such a tickle and lots of smiles - thanks!!

Also thanks to Linda who told me how to add links in my blog - as you can see today's page is full of them. What next - well we are hoping for video footage!!

Happy Sunday to one and all! Dory is waking up and we are going to catch up on our dog blog reading!!

Love, Liza

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Kanaloa

I think every one is wishing for spring time to come! All my doggie friends seem to have lots of questions about the boat so Mom and I thought we would fill you in.

Our Boat is called the Kanaloa, it is a Hawaiian name for a sea god. Dad loves going to Hawaii so it is a good name for our boat. The Kanaloa was made by a company named Parker - and it is a good boat to fish on, hang out or see all the sites in.

We keep our boat in Salem MA - and I like going out and feeling the breeze in my fur and the sun on my nose. Mom and Dad are good about giving me pit stops to go ashore to go pee - but sometimes I go on the boat. Mom showed me a quiet place on deck and she cleans up when I am done.

I wear my life vest when we are going fast and when we are anchored I get to take the vest off and relax with my people. I can also swim in the ocean with my people because there is a little platform off the back of the boat near the water.

Sometimes I swim off the boat and sometimes Mom takes me in the water from the beach while Dad does other boat things.

I don't catch fishies, but Mom and Dad do. The little fishies they use for bait are called mackerel and taste really yucky!! They mostly catch striped bass and cook it up for supper or put it in the freezer for supper later.

Another fun thing we do is catch lobsters. Dad has a lobster box he calls a "pot" that he puts in the ocean and every so often they pull it out and there are lobsters caught on the inside. Mom likes lobster to eat and Gramma LOVES lobster even more. You have to be careful of the lobsters - if your nose gets too close they PINCH!! Lobsters are the angry kind of ocean animals!

I used to live down south and didn't have an ocean to play in - I feel very lucky now. I wish all my doggie pals could come visit - because even if you don't like the water it is very fun to ride around in our boat.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Yesterday was so warm, sunny and bright that Dad decided to visit the boat. He piled us all into Mom's Jeep and off we went to Salem!!

Here is Dad last spring on the boat - Mom called it "Launch Day". Both my humans are very excited about launching the boat. Mom says spring time isn't too far away!!

When we got there we didn't really see the boat, but my humans talked to the "Boat Guy" and made arrangements to have the boat wake up and go back in the water. I was kinda disappointed to not see the boat, but I got to visit the ocean anyhow and be out with my people for a nice drive and some errands.

Mind you when they went into the restaurant I didn't get any snacks. Mom said Indian food was too spicy for me and she did give me doggie treats when we got home.

In less than a month I will be back on the Atlantic Ocean!! I love the boat because I get to see seagulls, Dad catches big smelly fish for me to look at and all the humans, big and small on other boats all wave and smile at me as we cruise around.

Ah... springtime! I like the sound of that!!

Doggie Walking

Dory here - Mom has been busy with work things (PHOOEY!), so we haven't been able to blog as much as we like to!

A couple of weeks ago I met a very nice lady named Patti. She came to our house and petted me and looked around the house and talked alot to Mom. I thought she was just a nice lady, but Mom explained that she would be coming to visit me when Mom was at work.

Work this past week and next week apparently is far away and it takes Momma along time to get back and forth and she doesn't want me all by myself for all that time. Mom was kinda grumpy about going to the far away school, but now doesn't have to worry because Patti visits me each day and we go on a walk, hang out for a little while and best of all she gives me treats before I got back in my crate!!! Anybody who has treats is okay by me.

Here is a picture of Patti and some of her doggie friends.
Patti is a very good dog walker and I like it when she visits. Mom says if I am a good girl I can go on hikes with Patti and her other doggie friends, but for now it's nice that she visits me at my house.

I get to see Patti all next week then Mom gets to go back to her regular work - I may actually miss Patti.