Sunday, March 04, 2007

Doggie Walking

Dory here - Mom has been busy with work things (PHOOEY!), so we haven't been able to blog as much as we like to!

A couple of weeks ago I met a very nice lady named Patti. She came to our house and petted me and looked around the house and talked alot to Mom. I thought she was just a nice lady, but Mom explained that she would be coming to visit me when Mom was at work.

Work this past week and next week apparently is far away and it takes Momma along time to get back and forth and she doesn't want me all by myself for all that time. Mom was kinda grumpy about going to the far away school, but now doesn't have to worry because Patti visits me each day and we go on a walk, hang out for a little while and best of all she gives me treats before I got back in my crate!!! Anybody who has treats is okay by me.

Here is a picture of Patti and some of her doggie friends.
Patti is a very good dog walker and I like it when she visits. Mom says if I am a good girl I can go on hikes with Patti and her other doggie friends, but for now it's nice that she visits me at my house.

I get to see Patti all next week then Mom gets to go back to her regular work - I may actually miss Patti.

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Maggie said...

How nice of your mom to set you up with Patty!!!! I'm so glad you'll get a nice walkie and treats too! Your mom is sure good to you! Patty looks like a nice lady!

Love ya lots,