Sunday, April 29, 2007

Little Stinker

I love New York - but it was nice to come home on Friday. My Mom surprised me with a little present from Gramma, she gave it to Mom while she was loading up the Jeep and finally we were unpacking and Mom gave it to me this morning.

I believe Gramma is trying to tell us something, my gift was a toy skunk! I could hardly wait once I saw it - but then again being the "only" child I think all toys are for me anyhow.
All I wanted was Mom to take off the stupid cardboard thingy!!!
Finally, off came the cardboard and I got to know my new toy.

Mom calls my skunk toy "PETUNIA" for the skunk in the movie "BAMBI".
I don't care what we call it - it squeaks and and is furry and is very fun.
He is fun to chew,
Fun to gnaw,
Great to grab,
And exceptional to roll with!!!!!
I will love him and squeeze him and name him PETUNIA!!!
What is not to love about a new toy on a rainy dreary Sunday morning!!
Gramma - thanks. You rock!
Love, you favorite "LITTLE STINKER" - Dory

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Enough said....

This is how I spent my day while Mom was at work visiting schools in Western Massachusetts today. That is my friend Mollie giving chase. I love visiting Gramma's house!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I have a confession to make - I have been very naughty here at Gramma's house. So naughty now everyone is calling me by another name.

Mom says that Gramma, Uncle Harvey and the rest of the world now must call me LAMBCHOP.

No, this is not because I am cute and fuzzy like the puppet "Lambchop", oh no, Mom is calling me lambchop because while Mom and Gramma were out I was counter surfing and did something very bad.

Gramma knows I counter surf and can't help myself when it comes to food, but apparently yesterday she wasn't thinking about that.

When Mom and Gramma went to the store - I stole the lamb chops that Gramma was defrosting for dinner! They smelled so good and tasted even better - I just couldn't help myself. I mean Uncle Harvey was there, but he was relaxing and I honestly didn't think he'd mind!!??

Well, needless to say - I was in big trouble. Gramma did have more chops in the freezer, but I had to sit with Mom while she used her "I am very disappointed in you voice". I tried to tell her that Zachary and Mollie had helped but she wouldn't believe me!!

So now everyone calls me Lambchop and Mom has been watching me like a hawk. On the bright side, I have to report that the weather has been amazingly warm and I have lots of time to play with Mollie!

Mollie and I race around the yard and then hang out on the deck with all the humans. Uncle Harvey gives the bestest belly rubs ever!!

Tomorrow Mom has to go off to work and I get to stay here at Gramma's - Mom says I have to be on my very best behavior or else. I'm not sure what the "or else" is - but I can assure my readers one thing - NO MORE LAMB CHOPS!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Headed for the Hills

Hello readers!!

Yes, we are "headed for the hills", the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts to be exact!

Mom wanted me to let eveyone know that she and I will be leaving for the Berkshires tomorrow and staying at Gramma's house until April 27th!!!

Mom has to visit a few public schools in western Massachusetts as part of her job and that means we get to stay with Gramma who is in upstate New York and lives closer to the Berkshires Hills region of Massachusetts than we do.

It's a cool deal - Mom goes to visit the schools during the day and I get to spend all day at Gramma's playing with Mollie and Zachary in their great big yard!! Poor Dad has to stay home - but he will call and email us while we are away.

This trip is kinda like a vacation for me, although I heard Mom grumbling it's no vacation for her!! She has been making lists, cleaning the house and packing for days!!

Since we will be away Mom and I are worried we may not have good internet access at Gramma's and we didn't want people to worry if we aren't posting - just chalk it up to rural life.

I do know Mom has packed lots of batteries for the camera and she hopes to get lots of good photos of me and my doggy "cousins". Grandma says theoretically Mollie and Zach are Mom's four footed siblings and my auntie and uncle - but Mom and Dad told me that was just too silly even for them.

Love, Dory

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'd like to thank the academy....

Okay, it's rainy and cold today, Mom and I were checking out our favorite blogs and we saw Joe Stains on the cover of a magazine. We just had to try it for ourselves!!

I think I look very convincing as dog of the year, maybe I could be the DWB Awesome Blog next month?? Ah to dream....

If you'd like to make yourself famous - just go here!! Dog of the Year!

Friday, April 13, 2007

The calm before the STORM!

The weather people have been talking storms for the past day or so and today my humans got the bad news - Sunday and Monday the Massachusetts coastline will be hit with winds up to 45 knots (about 50 mph for you landlubbers) and seas 8-16 feet.

The Salem Harbormaster told Dad the boat isn't safe on the mooring - so tomorrow Dad and the Boat Guy have to take the boat out of the water and put it back in the boat yard until the weather dies down.

Normally Mom and I hang out and read the paper together, clean the house,maybe run a few errands on Fridays - but since the bad storm is coming we decided to run our errands and then head over to see the boat and play on the beach. I like Fridays because Mom either works at home in the morning or only spends half a day at the office. The rest of the day is for us girls!!

The boat looked kinda lonely there all by it's self - but actually the waves and weather today weren't too bad. It was grey and overcast - but it wasn't cold and no rain to be found.

I wish Dad was here - we can't go out on the boat without him - Mom can't lift the dinghy and the Salem launch is only running in the summer. We had fun anyhow playing on the beach with all the seagulls, rocks and sand.

You know, these barnicle look really tasty - but they just have such an icky flavor once you start licking them!

I can't drink the salty water, but I like putting my nose in it and see if there are any fishies or crabs in there.

Aw, come on there has got to be one crab around here somewhere!! This is me in full hunt mode, just call me Dory the Beachcomer.

I love my lighthouse here at Winter Island!

Mom was a maniac with the camera today. Sit Dory, stay Dory, Dory smile, Dory look at me... what does she think I am some sort of supermodel?? I'm just working for kibble here!!!

As you can see, Mom likes our lighthouse too. It's not really ours, but it is fun to pretend. Besides we are the only ones on the beach today. There are a few people up on the hill looking out from their cars - and a few fishermen hanging out chatting, but mostly it's just me and my mom.

Hey - I see a seagull! No more of this sitting around for me!!! I'm sorry that Dad has to take the boat off the water, but I'm glad Mom and I got a chance to play before the rain comes!! We hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New York Times Magazine piece...

Mom and I were reading Wally’s blog and it referenced an article in the New York Times Magazine this past Sunday – New Tricks. We didn’t read the article on Sunday, but we had heard the author and the animal behaviorist featured on NPR Friday night. (I know what you’re thinking and yes, my Mom is a complete NERD!) Since Wally had mentioned the article and provided a link – Mom read the NYT article today and of course – she has something to say!!!

Love, Dory

Hi, Liza here.

When Dory and I were listening to On Point the other night I was really struck by the great work that this graduate student was doing on behalf of shelter animals – using behavioral diagnostics to help match dogs and people; the ultimate goal being to help decrease the number of dogs euthanized in the US. I thought it was an interesting interview, but I have to say it pales in comparison to the actual article that appeared in the New York Times Magazine this Sunday.

First of all, I was amazed that the shelter featured in the article had off-hour “drop-boxes” for dogs or cats to be left in. As I read through the article it was hard for me to wrap my head around all the information, but to things really jumped out at me. The first is that we have become a disposable nation, apparently when surveyed people who were surrendering dogs in some instances they actually responded by saying the dog didn’t match the furniture or the family was going on vacation. The second thing was the vivid image of the euthanized dogs being piled up in garbage bags.

I realize I tend to be a little hypersensitive when it comes to animals, but that description had me blubbering as if someone had sucker punched me in the face. I grew up on a farm surrounded by cows, dogs, a pony and village of barn cats and even a donkey. From the time I was old enough to toddle along on tippy toes my mother swears I’ve been offering up my hand to every dog that crossed my path. All I could think of was my experience last spring when Emily died. Emily was my first close up experience with having a dog put to sleep, prior to her passing either my pets had slipped away quietly in their sleep or my mother had handled the final arrangements.

All I could think of is if these people who so easily surrendered these dogs could just be shown a video of someone having to say good bye to a beloved pet – then surely they would think twice before discarding a dog. Of course that is when my rational self kicks in and I realize that no video, tears or protests will change society; however what I can do is work hard to educate people one person at a time on dog rescue and responsible pet ownership.

So, all I can say is to all of Dory's loyal readers - please take just a moment, buy a bag of feed to donate, buy a raffle ticket, drop a dollar in a collection box, volunteer at a shelter or with a rescue group, nothing that you do or give is too little in the lives of animals that have been abandoned. Our favorite pet charity is Labs4Rescue based in Connecticut, but really any organization or group, big or small can use your help.

Thanks to Dory for letting me get up on my soapbox and thanks to all my friends and my mom who have all been taking an interest in and supporting Lab Rescue!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

At least she didn't make real ears and slap them on my head.... SIGH! As the saying goes, it truly is a dog's life.
Love, Dory

Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday Furry News

Mom and and discussed the name of our "Friday" posts - Friday Furry News seemed more user friendly. This week the Boston Globe had a nice story about a lifesaving kitty in Indiana. I like to chase kitties, but I wouldn't chase this one - she is a hero.

Family calls housecat a lifesaver
April 5, 2007 Associated Press

NEW CASTLE, Ind. --A cat helped spare a family from death by carbon monoxide poisoning by jumping on the bed and meowing wildly as fumes filled the home, the owners said.

Eric and Cathy Keesling said their 14-year-old cat, Winnie, played a crucial role in saving their lives March 24 after a gasoline-powered water pump in their basement caused the odorless but deadly gas to build up.

About 1 a.m., the domestic shorthair began nudging Cathy's ear and meowing loudly.
"It was a crazy meow, almost like she was screaming," said Cathy, who hesitated to get up until Winnie's caterwauling and jumping persisted.

When she finally climbed from bed, she realized she was nauseous and dizzy and couldn't awaken her husband. Because he had undergone minor neck surgery the previous day, she decided to call 911 but was so disoriented she had trouble dialing.

Paramedics found the couple's 14-year-old son, Michael, unconscious on the floor near his bedroom. The Keeslings were taken from the home in oxygen masks, treated for carbon monoxide poisoning and soon recovered.

Cathy Keesling said Winnie acted similarly last summer when tornadoes tore through the area, 45 miles east of Indianapolis.

"I really believe cats can sense these kind of things," she said.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Why we blog

We were over visiting Charlie the golden retriever's blog (he is very handsome guy) and he "tagged" all his readers to answer the five reasons why us doggies and their humans blog.

We felt up to the challenge so here it goes:


#5 Mom was very sad when she lost her doggie Emily - so she started blogging to keep a happy memory of her experiences adopting a rescued Lab.

#4 We wanted to share our adventures, show our support and thank Labs4Rescue for all the good work they do and for bringing us together.

# 3 Some of our adventures are pretty funny - we hope that people may read our blog and get interested in adopting a Lab instead of going to a breeder.

#2 We love to write. I like telling the stories and mom loves putting pen to paper and fingers to keyboard. You would think writing a dissertation for five years would have cured her of her need to write, but she is a woman on a mission.

#1 Mom has friends and family all over the US and beyond. Writing a blog was a great way for us to keep in touch and share our lives.

And actually we have a sixth reason - we really like hearing about other dogs and their families. It has been alot of fun to reading every ones adventures and stories. The blogging community, especially Dogs With Blogs, has helped us build friendships and it is so nice to share perspectives with other dog lovers. It is a nice little place to chat, have a laugh and even shed a tear.

That's why we blog - How about you????

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I hate health care...

I thought that after getting left home on Saturday my life couldn't get much worse - I was sadly mistaken. Mom picked my normally relaxing Sunday to do a few health care related activities with me. First it was the dreaded toe nail clipping. Mom wanted a picture, but Dad was busy and since she and I were locked in mortal combat - there was no way she could snap a photo of the toe smack down. So we next proceed to another dreaded activity - TOOTH BRUSHING!!!
I know you are wondering why Mom is on the ground, well because she has a knee made of titanium, it is hard for her to kneel so she was sitting with me cross legged until I pulled her over. She wasn't hurt, but she is not too spry when we are on the floor, so she opted for a laying down approach.
Trust me, she was a woman on a mission, there was no way even though I was trying to get away that she wasn't going to get my teeth brushed.
I don't care if she wants me to have healthy teeth and sweet breath - I don't care that she went to great effort to find "chicken flavored" tooth paste - I WANT NONE OF IT!
The morning seemed to never end. Toe clipping, tooth cleaning and hair brushing - the only thing worse would have been a BATH!! At least Mom gave me a treat when she was done. I am staying far away from this woman the rest of the day.
Oh and many of you were so very nice to comment on my shiny fur. Before I was adopted I had to live outside and under a porch. When Labs4Rescue put me in foster care my foster family put me on fish oil capsules. Mom said it made such a difference I still take them. Mom throws two capsules in my food and it not only keeps me shiny, it is good for my bones and heart too.

Kanaloa Launched

Saturday started out great - Mom and Dad were up early, getting dressed and putting stuff together. I saw boat stuff and I was so excited, this could only mean one thing - our boat is back in the water!!!

But like all good things - this happy image of having the wind in my fur, and my feet on the deck was pull out from under me like a rug.

Here is my mom telling me the bad news - you will notice I am begging her to say it isn't so. She says it isn't safe for furry people to go to the boat when the ramp and docks aren't in place. I am very bummed - so, bummed out I am letting Mom take over the post. Don't let her cute appearance fool you....

Mo..,, errr I mean Liza here. Yes it is true, the ramp and docks weren't in yet at Winter island so it wasn't safe enough for Dory to go with us this launch day. So Chris and I headed out and got her launched and Dory had to wait at home. I know she was mad - she literally sulked getting into her crate, but it was a matter of safety first.

Here is a pictorial of what it looks like to launch a boat in Salem, Massachusetts!

The boat is towed to the launch ramp by the mechanic. The boat stays at his boat yard in the winter and when it gets close to spring time they take off the shrink wrap (our boat looks like a big marshmallow all winter), tune up the engine, put the canvas back on and put bottom paint on (the bottom paint keeps away barnacles and sea growth when it is on the water).

The truck backs the boat into the water and then the boat rolls slowly off the trailer. Dad, I mean, Chris is in the cap and supervising the process.

As you can see the ramp is winched up and there are no floating docks in yet. When the docks are in and the ramp is down it is safe for Dory to go out with us. We are keeping our fingers crossed that is soon.

As I scan Salem Harbor I don't see any other boats yet. Chris takes pride (and is a little competitive) in being the first boat launched for the season. In June this place is filled with moored boats. Mooring means hooked up to a ball or block that is attached to a chain and weight at the bottom of the harbor. This is basically our boat's parking spot from March through November.

Finally, we got for a short ride to make sure everything is working. It looks beautiful, but it is very cold today so we head in early. We were home before Dory finished her morning nap as a matter of fact!!!

Here is the Kanaola - all set for another season of fun and adventure!!!