Thursday, April 05, 2007

Why we blog

We were over visiting Charlie the golden retriever's blog (he is very handsome guy) and he "tagged" all his readers to answer the five reasons why us doggies and their humans blog.

We felt up to the challenge so here it goes:


#5 Mom was very sad when she lost her doggie Emily - so she started blogging to keep a happy memory of her experiences adopting a rescued Lab.

#4 We wanted to share our adventures, show our support and thank Labs4Rescue for all the good work they do and for bringing us together.

# 3 Some of our adventures are pretty funny - we hope that people may read our blog and get interested in adopting a Lab instead of going to a breeder.

#2 We love to write. I like telling the stories and mom loves putting pen to paper and fingers to keyboard. You would think writing a dissertation for five years would have cured her of her need to write, but she is a woman on a mission.

#1 Mom has friends and family all over the US and beyond. Writing a blog was a great way for us to keep in touch and share our lives.

And actually we have a sixth reason - we really like hearing about other dogs and their families. It has been alot of fun to reading every ones adventures and stories. The blogging community, especially Dogs With Blogs, has helped us build friendships and it is so nice to share perspectives with other dog lovers. It is a nice little place to chat, have a laugh and even shed a tear.

That's why we blog - How about you????


Charlie said...

Those are GREAT reasons!!
- Charlie

Maggie said...

We blog because it's fun and it keeps us in touch with all of our doggy friends.

Dory, mom swiped that waggin' Airedale on our blog from one of her friend's emails! shhhhhhhhhhh

Love ya lots,

wally said...

Hi Dory,

You've convinced me--I want a rescue lab! My ma said she wanted a blog because she needed a way to regularly celebrate the wonder that is me (I may have embellished that a bit).


Marvin The Dog said...

Hi there Dory! We blog for similar reasons to you and your Mum!

Jeannie loves to write stuff, and I like to meet all the other doggies all over the world via the internet.

Well, I dictate to Jeannie of course, she just loves to type it all! Ha ha ha!

Happy Easter and keep blogging, love and licks from Lab/collie X Marvin xxxxxxxx

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