Thursday, February 22, 2007



I got a CUZ today and as Dad would say (imagine Boston accent here) IT IS WICKED COOL!!

Mom said the sound may get on her last nerve - but if it makes me happy it's okay with her.

It bounces and is chewy!!! Thanks to Peanut who offered me his! But Mom made a special trip after work today and now I have my very own!

I didn't want to be piggy - but I asked mom if she saw any toy pheasants for me - she said we would have to wait and see what the Easter Bunny brings. I'm not sure who the Easter Bunny is but if he brings toys I promise not to chase him around the yard!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Toys, I want more toys....

I was reading blogs with Mom tonight and noticed a trend. Maggie and Marvin both have something called a CUZ!! Now this looks like a mighty fun toy - hey I think I saw Joey and Tanner with a CUZ too. What is up with that?? Why hasn't my Mom gotten with the program?? I want a CUZ - 'cause I am special too!!!!

I know, I know - I have lots of nice toys and where would I be without Ducky and Woody my stuffed ducks. I know when I read Avery's blog I asked Mom for a stuffed pheasant. But gee, a CUZ looks bouncy flouncy, trouncy and fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! (I don't think AA Milne minds me using Tigger's tag line)

Anyhow, I'm off to snuggle with mom and lobby for a CUZ toy! She can't resist my woeful look!!Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Nurse Dory

Nurse Dory reporting for duty.

Mom came home the other day and I was assigned to keep Mom comfortable and like any good nurse I take my work very seriously.

At first Mom seemed to sleep alot, so I slept with her on the bed, occasionally sniffing her to check on her general health and well being.

Mom slowly started eating soup and drinking good fluids so of course, I licked the bowls and cups when she was done to ensure the food was nutritious.

Occasionally, Mom moved out to the sofa and I sat right by her in case she needed me to fetch anything. She didn't ask for anything but I brought her my favorite toys. I think she liked that 'cause I got lots of petting.

Mom and I read lots of blogs between naps the last few days. We had to see how Maggie did when her mom went on vacation and we had to check in on Marvin, (I have such a crush on that handsome poet), Butchy & Snickers, Opy, Fei, Charlie, Tin Tin, Freda, Lillie Valentine, Boo, Ben Ben - whew - there are so many we love and I apologize if I left anyone out! Did we say Army of Four and Pappy?

Mom and I laughed so much -our friend Joe Stains posted his bath time photos, Mom asked me why could I stand so nicely in the tub during bath time - Mom's never understand. We were also happy to see our new friends, Five Happy Hounds, got some new babies. I wish Mom would let me play with Valentine Bear :(

I knew Mom was feeling better today when she asked if I would like an official nurse hat. She talked about getting out some paper and glue but in the end she used the computer to draw on a picture of me.

I'm so glad Mom is better - I think my nursing skills have worked their magic!

Valentine's Day - Phooey!

Mom got home from the hospital just in time for Valentine's Day. Dad bought her some pretty flowers and a nice fuzzy bear.

Mom has always shared things with me - pizza, tastes of food, space on the couch, the covers. I just don't understand why we couldn't share this teddy bear!!

I mean, all I wanted to do was play with him like I did Moo Cow - what's the big deal?

But Mom said "NO" in her serious mom voice.

So I say, Valentine's Day is for humans - phooey!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Missing Mom

Hi. Daddy is helping me type my blog tonight. I am very sad because Mom is at the hospital. She said before she left that she would be back soon and then spend time home with me.
Dad said Mom just needed something in her sore knee fixed. I'm worried - Mom has never been away over night since she adopted me. Dad promised she will be home on Tuesday and then spend a lot of time with me.
I miss my Mom, Dad misses Mom too - was so lonely he let me sit on Mom's new couch with him. I hope Mom doesn't get mad. It's a really comfy couch and you can barely see doggie hairs on it! Hopefully Mom will be home soon so we can cuddle on it together. Please keep Mom and me in your thoughts.
- Dory

Monday, February 05, 2007

Mail Call

Hi!! Dory here!

Whew, no snow here in New England but boy is it COLD!!! I'm glad I have my pretty red coat to wear - the winds have been blowing!!! I thought the wind was going to carry Mom and I right down the street today.

Well it has been exciting around the house today, which is kinda funny because usually Monday's are very quiet here. Mom came home and brought in all kinds of packages from the porch and boy was I excited. One of the packages smelled just like Gramma's house and that made me very happy, I thought for sure Gramma sent me something good - but as it turns out. Those pretty pink packages were for Mom's birthday on Wednesday. That's not like Gramma to forget me...

Oh but wait!! Mom said Gramma send a small stuffed cow for me to play with - YIPEEEEE!

He is kinda small but very cute - I will call him Moo Cow.

So I grabbed Moo Cow right out of Mom's hands! He was too too cute and very tasty!!

I started playing with him when Mom got alarmed!!!

Mom said if I was going to play rough with Moo Cow I couldn't have him. I really don't understand why Mom took Moo Cow away - I just wanted to see what was inside him, no need to get all excited?!?

Ah well, Moo Cow and I had a few brief happy minutes together - maybe Gramma will send another box soon! (hint, hint)