Monday, February 05, 2007

Mail Call

Hi!! Dory here!

Whew, no snow here in New England but boy is it COLD!!! I'm glad I have my pretty red coat to wear - the winds have been blowing!!! I thought the wind was going to carry Mom and I right down the street today.

Well it has been exciting around the house today, which is kinda funny because usually Monday's are very quiet here. Mom came home and brought in all kinds of packages from the porch and boy was I excited. One of the packages smelled just like Gramma's house and that made me very happy, I thought for sure Gramma sent me something good - but as it turns out. Those pretty pink packages were for Mom's birthday on Wednesday. That's not like Gramma to forget me...

Oh but wait!! Mom said Gramma send a small stuffed cow for me to play with - YIPEEEEE!

He is kinda small but very cute - I will call him Moo Cow.

So I grabbed Moo Cow right out of Mom's hands! He was too too cute and very tasty!!

I started playing with him when Mom got alarmed!!!

Mom said if I was going to play rough with Moo Cow I couldn't have him. I really don't understand why Mom took Moo Cow away - I just wanted to see what was inside him, no need to get all excited?!?

Ah well, Moo Cow and I had a few brief happy minutes together - maybe Gramma will send another box soon! (hint, hint)


Joe Stains said...

your moo cow lasted about as long ours did!

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hooman just dont understand the way we love our toys.

Maggie said...

Mom does the same thing to new toys that I'm agressive with. Aren't moms just the meanest sometimes! Dory, please wish your mom happy birthday from me and my mom - who BTW will be at the aireport at this time tomorrow!

Love ya lots,

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Dory,
Big Happy Birfday to your Mama tomorrow!!! Did that stuffing taste like beef??? hehehehe. I Butchy like to do that to my toys too, but Mama keeps saying "Don't hurt it or I take it away!" and can you believe it works??? I don't know why I listen to her, but at least she doesn't take my toys away.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

PiratesGrrl said...

We need a Moo Cow!! Thanks for visiting our blog, we love yours and will add it to our friends list to check!

Dot says she reeealy likes your red coat. :)

The Brat Pack