Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm a leavin' on a jet plane...

ATTENTION READERS: I woke up this morning and Dory was nowhere to be found. All she left was this post and some pictures. I believe she is aboard Aire Ruby Flight 2008 headed for Arizona and the Super Bowl. On behalf of Dory I apologize to John Denver and Peter, Paul and Mary for Dory's (ahem) "adaptation" of a great song. Here is Dory's post...

Oh my bag is packed
I’m ready to go!
I’m standing here by the back door
I want to go, no time to say good bye
Hey the sun is up
It’s already today
The T is coming
I hear it rumbling
I’m already set to go
Ready to fly…..
So hand me my ticket and wave good bye
Tell me you’ll look for me on TV
Cause I’m leavin’ on Aire Ruby
Logan Airport leavin’ at 6:30
Oh mom I’m so happy to gooooo
There’s so much to do and places to go
So many doggies to see and players to watch
I tell you now I promise to write
Every place I go I’ll look for Vrabel
Every song I sing, I’ll sing for Bruschi
When I come back, Moss will have a Super Bowl Ring!
So barbecue the ribs and wings for me
Tell me there’s a sky box at the game for me
Hold my place in line to kiss Tom Brady
Cause I’m a leavin’ on Aire Ruby
Don’t worry I’ll be right back again
Oh Mom I can’t wait to goooooo
Now the time has come
I’m on the plane
One more time
Hear me exclaim

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeling Lucky

Okay, my mom likes doing the "Wordless Wednesday" to show off some of her photos, but this week I am taking over Wednesday and calling it a "Wednesday with fewer words!".

First of all we are sending out many thanks to our friends who recently voted for us over at the Dogs With Blogs site - my human and I are delighted that we are co-winners of the DWB Awesome Blog Award with our gal pal Amber!

So, logically speaking if a rescued Labrador of simple means from a small southern town can move to Boston, get her own blog and win this wonderful honor.....
Can't a gangly, football loving, simple kid from California, move to Boston, become a football god and win the Super Bowl four times?

I say YES!! We are feeling lucky and can hardly wait until KICK OFF!! GO PATS!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I think my new pink collar with snowflakes is good luck, because today it SNOWED! The snow was pretty tasty! And I had a lot of fun walking around in it....
But I had even more fun RUNNING in the snow!!
I can run really fast, as fast as snowflakes fly!

I can gallop like the north wind blows!
I hate to go in, but Mom's nose is running and she says her feet are cold. Good bye snow - see ya later!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's all about TOM!

Okay, it used to be all about DORY, NOW it's all about the Patriots and TOM BRADY!!! For those of you who may not know, our beloved Patriots will be beating the pants off the San Diego Chargers today so we can play another team yet to be determined and WIN the Super Bowl! Everyone in out family, Mom, Gramma, Zach, Mac, Mollie Uncle Harvey and I are all huge Patriots fans, so are Agatha and Archie, Lorenza and our new friend Mango, but friends I am here to tell you my human has lost her mind over this guy - TOM! (Liza: Dory, I have not lost my mind, but he is a great football player, unmarried and very dreamy looking. Dory: Mom you don't have a chance, he is dating a supermodel, so wipe that starry eyed look off your face!)

Anyhow, in preparation for the big day we got some chips, dip, cheese and crackers.
We also got wings and of course Sam Adams beer. Mind you I get NONE of these goodies. (Liza: Dory that is not true, you regularly steal something off the table on every game day.)
Ahem, yes, well as I was saying we are huge fans, but the most embarassing aspect of my day is when my human puts me in a University of Michigan jersey and dog collar. Now I know you may be asking yourself dear readers, "Dory why Michigan gear?"
Well according to my mom, we are University of Michigan people and since "Tommy" went to the University of Michigan we are supporting his football genius by wearing our Michigan stuff, drinking out of Michigan mugs and singing some stupid song called "Hail to the Victors" everytime the Pats score. I personally think she nuts! (Liza: DORY!) Okay, maybe she is just too cheap to buy Patriots gear - I have no idea. (Liza: Okay Dory, I was going to buy you a Pats collar, but it was over priced and half the quality of the collars I get you from Kathleen at Snazzy Petz - deal with it! Besides, wearing our Michigan gear just shows what dedicated and thoughtful Brady fans we are.)
Alrighty then, enough of all this chatter, I have to settle in and watch 8 hours of pre-game shows!!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Make It Count!

It's time to go vote!!!!! Our dearest four footed blog friends, The Brat Pack and Maryann, nominated me for the Awesome Blog Award!!
Can you believe how nice they are - I know it is hard to tell but this honor has made me BLUSH!!
So, your first task it to check out all the lucky critters to be nominated - they are all SUPER BLOGGERS! Amber Mae - a beautiful golden retriever, Charlie the Coyote - with awesome photos and BLU and Comet -the cutest Spitz dogs we know - they are all PAWESOME!

So MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT! Head on over to Dogs With Blogs and vote for your favorite!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My mom went to....

My mom went to the Boat Show in Boston yesterday....
No she isn't choking me, I got over excited and leapt on the couch during the photo session( we used the time on the point and shoot to get the photo).
Here is my hat and Mom isn't crazy - she is modeling her new rain coat.

Mom said pups weren't allowed at the boat show, even though I am a water dog! I shouldn't be too mad though...
Mom bought a new rain coat and she got a free hat to go with it. The special part is that the coat and the hat are from The Black Dog on Martha's Vineyard Island.

Can you belive they have a whole store, cafe and bakery named just for me??

I hope mom is getting royalties, because obviously they used me as inspiration for their logo. How many moms do you know that wear a portait of you on their rain coat????

I'm still miffed that I didn't get to go see all the big boats, but how can I hold a grudge when the one thing Mom buys at the boat show has my name written all over it!

Oh and we are so thrilled that our beloved Patriots and the oh so hunky Tom Brady will be moving on to the next playoff round! GO PATS!! We hope everyone has a PAWTASTIC week!

Friday, January 11, 2008

So honored.....

Oh my stars!!! My friends have been so wonderful to honour me with two awards and I am absolutely speechless!!
First off the handsome Marvin Braveheart (I would be Sophie Marceau to his Mel Gibson any day - with or without the kilt!!)
Marvin and the ever so FAB Jeannie gave us the Bloggers of the World Award - we are so humbled by this - truly!!
Then, my "Sorta Sis" Kaos and her mom Hilary were so very thoughtful too.... and gave us this Best Friends Award! How can we ever thank you!!!
I know it is hard to tell, but I am blushing!! You both have honoured me, but the biggest honour of all is that I call all of you my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a happy weekend one and all and GO PATS!!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

(okay not quite wordless, we are Patriots fans! Go PATS!!!)

Monday, January 07, 2008

I'm a big girl....

Today when my human got home she told me what a good girl I was. Now normally she always says I'm a good girl and gives me lots of love once she gets her coat off, but today was special.

This Christmas Mom folded up my metal crate to make space for the Christmas tree. This was the first time since I was adopted that I didn't have to go in my crate when Mom was at work - instead I got to stay in the bedroom which was nice, and I was a good girl all day for the whole month of December.

TODAY Mom said I could be loose in the house, not just the bedroom but the whole house! She put the garbage can on the table and made sure I had fun toys, bones and my kong was full - but then she went off to work saying "Be a good girl Dory and watch the house!" Well I was a good girl and I did watch the house and my human was very happy. She said the crate could stay folded up and put away unless we really need it. I am happy because my Mom trusts me to watch the house and Mom is happy because she used to call my crate an eye sore.

As part of my "big girl" celebration my had ordered a new collar for me from Kathleen over at SnazzyPetz!
It is a pretty pink collar, with adorable white snowflakes all over it. Kathleen and Wally Cat make the bestest collars!
Mom measures it next to my Christmas collar to make sure it is the right size. Kathleen made my plaid collar too!
Then my mom puts my tags on!
Mom says sorry for the not so good photos, her big fancy camera needs it's battery charged so she was using her small camera.
The photos don't really do my collar justice - it is EXTREMELY pretty on and very girly too!!!!! So even though it was a "Monday, no fun day" as Mom calls it - it turns out I really did have fun today and I love being a big girl who can behave when I am home alone.

Have a happy week everyone!!!!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

At first I thought....

Hi everyone, this is Liza and I will be doing today's post. Life with Dory is never dull and the other night was a perfect example of that.

Since the holidays are pretty much officially over, the tree ornaments all packed away and the poor tree itself resting unceremoniously at the curb; life has gotten somewhat back to normal. Of course normal means my job gets busy too and on Thursday night I had to go out an do a presentation to a group of parents and school committee members. I don't have to often work at night, but when I do I always feel bad for Dory.

So I came home, spent a couple hours with her, gave her a nice dinner and told her I'd be back as soon as I could. She knew something was up because I rarely stay in my work clothes once I'm home. Anyhow I went and what was supposed to be about a two hour thing, turned into a 3+ hour thing and I got home late. So I took Dor out for a brief potty break and went to bed falling into a deep sleep.

At first I thought I must be dreaming, because I felt like someone was staring at me. The I realized there was Dory sitting up on the bed next to my shoulder looking down at me. I turned on my back and then Dory with a huge sigh put her head down on my shoulder. From my perspective it was so strange - like being smothered by a big black fur coat.

Now normally Dory sleeps in/on her own arm chair in my bedroom. She can come on the bed, and has every so often, but with my artificial knee and my typical tossing and turning as a result of knee pain, Dory is usually more happy on her chair.

I'm no dog whisperer, but I guess she was trying to tell me in her own furry way she missed me and doesn't like it when I go out at night and break our routine. Dory stayed there on my bed, with her head on my shoulder, at least until I was back to sleep, in the morning she was back in her own chair.

I have friends who every so often will end a story with, "oh you'll understand about guilt when you have a child" - I may not have a human child, but my partner in crime Dory can certainly make me feel guilty when I can't always be there. That and scare the heck out of me in the middle of the night.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Happy New Year everyone - Liza here posting today! Thanks so much for all your super nice comments on our video. If we had known it would make so many people teary we would have bought some Kleenex and mailed them out before we posted!
I must confess today’s post is sort of like the Jeopardy! category "Potpourri", just a good old hodge podge of items.

I realized only AFTER the fact why we used the Sarah McLachlan song ANGEL for our New Years Wish video – I must have had it on my mind because she has been doing public service announcements on TV lately and that song is playing in the background. You can check out the video and more information by clicking HERE. If you are looking for a group to donate to or volunteer with this year the ASPCA, Guiding Eyes and Labs4Rescue are our personal favorite groups.

As you guys may have remembered we said we would have a LabraDory drawing to send out a special New Year’s surprise to some lucky pups who participated in the DWB Christmas Card Exchange. On Monday a friend mine drew the names of six DWB friends and we will be mailing out something special to each! We don’t want to spoil the surprise so we won’t tell who got drawn just yet.

Dory and I have made some resolutions for 2008 and we thought we would share them with you: I, Dory the Lab, resolve to:

- To counter surf less.
- To get more exercise.
- To be kinder to squirrels and cats.
- To stay more focused at CGC dog class.

I, Liza the human, resolve to:

- To be more patience when Dory has a hard time at dog class.
- To get more exercise with Dory.
- To post to both our blogs more often.
- To get more pictures of Dory and I together for our blog and online album.

So we hope every one has rested up after all the big festivities and let’s all have a great 2008!!!