Sunday, April 01, 2007

I hate health care...

I thought that after getting left home on Saturday my life couldn't get much worse - I was sadly mistaken. Mom picked my normally relaxing Sunday to do a few health care related activities with me. First it was the dreaded toe nail clipping. Mom wanted a picture, but Dad was busy and since she and I were locked in mortal combat - there was no way she could snap a photo of the toe smack down. So we next proceed to another dreaded activity - TOOTH BRUSHING!!!
I know you are wondering why Mom is on the ground, well because she has a knee made of titanium, it is hard for her to kneel so she was sitting with me cross legged until I pulled her over. She wasn't hurt, but she is not too spry when we are on the floor, so she opted for a laying down approach.
Trust me, she was a woman on a mission, there was no way even though I was trying to get away that she wasn't going to get my teeth brushed.
I don't care if she wants me to have healthy teeth and sweet breath - I don't care that she went to great effort to find "chicken flavored" tooth paste - I WANT NONE OF IT!
The morning seemed to never end. Toe clipping, tooth cleaning and hair brushing - the only thing worse would have been a BATH!! At least Mom gave me a treat when she was done. I am staying far away from this woman the rest of the day.
Oh and many of you were so very nice to comment on my shiny fur. Before I was adopted I had to live outside and under a porch. When Labs4Rescue put me in foster care my foster family put me on fish oil capsules. Mom said it made such a difference I still take them. Mom throws two capsules in my food and it not only keeps me shiny, it is good for my bones and heart too.


Maggie said...

I'm with you Dory! I HATE my nails clipped and will have none of it! I eat lots of carrots to keep my teeth clean. It seems to work and it's better than a toothbrush in my opinion!

Love ya lots,

Lady Kaos said...

She did that the day after you didn't get to go on the boat? You poor thing! They should have given you an entire box of treats!

PiratesGrrl said...

Wow, a day of harassment. I think you should get something HUGE for that!!!

Dot from The Brat Pack

Butchy & Snickers said...

Man, what a disappointing day huh?? We don't like our teefies brushed either, but we put up with it. We get salmon oil poured onto our food, it sure makes our wirey hairs shine. Although white hairs don't show shine nearly as well as your bootiful black hairs.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Shiny Dory, We should all take fish capsules! Too bad about the nasty porch. I'm glad you have a great mom now, even if she's horrible to you on health care day.

Marvin The Dog said...

Dory, just reading about your day wore me out! I had to go for a snooze to recover. Poor You!

love and licks Marv xxxxx

Peanut said...

Oh teeth brushing. I hate it to. hey I take fish oil capsules to. But mom says it is to help my dry flaky skin.

Joe Stains said...

toe nail clipping might be the most evil thing ever invented!!!