Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Mom and I should call this post, "You want snow, we got snow!" We had an absolutely super visit at Gramma's house!!
When we got in the car in Boston it was dry and cloudy - but by the time we got to Gramma's house it was snowing like crazy!! Our trip to Saratoga normally takes about 3 hours, unfortunately THIS TRIP took SIX HOURS!!!
When we got to Gramma and Uncle Harvey's house I could hardly believe my doggie eyes!! I wanted to go out with Uncle Harvey and my friends Zachary and Mollie to see all the snow with my own eyes!!
Mollie looks like a cupcake dog covered in powdered sugar!!
Zach looks like he's been attacked by a snowman!!
Molllie has such dense fur that the snow just sticks to her all over!!
When Mom and I got up the next morning it was official - 15 inches of snow!!
Mom looked out and could barely see our Jeep for all the snow!!
Mom had to do a lot of digging and sweeping to get the Cherokee free of all the snow and ice!! Good thing she brought her mittens and long underwear!!
The snow was so much fun! I sniffed it, ate it, tossed it on my nose, rolled in it and had a good old time.
At first I stayed on the deck but then struck out for the wilds of the yard.I explored every snow covered corner of the property!
Mom likes this photo - you can barely see me - but I was tuck tail running at full speed through the snow! Mom calls it my action shot.
Here is the other side of the yard - it was so cool to roam all around.
I am looking through the snow to see if I missed anything.
Finally, Mom called me in to thaw out a bit!
Mom tried her best to take pictures of Zach, me and Mollie all together - but we didn't stay still much all weekend. When we weren't playing in the snow we were playing in the house!
Here I am kissing my best furry friend Mollie. Nothing beats wet nose smooches right in your ear!!
When we were leaving Mollie was napping. Gramma said I wore poor old Mollie right out! I think she is just dreaming about our next visit!
So that was our trip to New York. By Monday the snow plowmen had cleaned up all the highways and we had a short trip back to Boston. It was great to spend time with some of the people we love, but I missed Dad and it was nice to come home. Oh and we only had about 8 inches of snow in Boston while were were gone - Dad said it was icy and icky - not nice fluffy snow like Gramma's snow! I love Gramma's snow!!!!
I also must confess I missed reading all my doggie friend's blogs!! Did Mom actually say Maggie has a new brother?? And Doof eerr, I mean Tanner had surgery!! OH NO - I better stop writing and start reading!!


Maggie said...

Hi Dory! I'm so glad you had a good time at your gram's! We got the same icky icy snow that your dad got! It's awful trying to walk on it and yes, you heard right! I have a new 4 month old baby brother named Mitch! I'm thinking now that I might keep him! hehehehe

Love ya lots,

Gus said...

OOh...sounds like fun. I am glad you had a safe trip! And fun at Grandma's house.

Charlie said...

What great pictures! We're glad you had a safe and fun trip and made it home again.
- Charlie

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Dory & Liza,
I stop in Saratoga every time I drive to NYC or the Catskills. I love that part of the world! We had snow like that too. It was probably the same storm that Sophie got to romp around in. Fun, fun, fun. But tomorrow, it melts!

All those black dogs! I bet you had a great time.

PiratesGrrl said...

Hi Dory!!

We're so glad you're back, we missed your posts! Your pics are great - all that snow looks like a blast!! We only get ice and ick here.

You guys are so cute together and all that space to explore must have been like heaven!!

The Brat Pack

Bogart said...

Ohmygosh, look at ALL THAT SNOW! I've never seen snow in real life (living in Los Angeles makes that difficult) but I'm soooo jealous. Ok, maybe not of the travelling in snow part.

Love the photos!!!!!!


Lady Kaos said...

Hi Dory! I love snow, too, but we had too much this winter and I'm glad none of that snow made it's way to my house. My grandma has a huge yard to run around on, too. I love going to grandma's. It only takes about 3 minutes to get to my grandma's house though.
Glad you're back!

Marvin The Dog said...

Hi Dory! Mollie looked good enough to eat there, dusted with snow....!

Here in the UK everything shuts down when we get half an inch of snow, we should be ashamed of ourselves here!

15 inches of snow, now that is more like it!

Your photos are cool (well of course they are cool they are of snow!!) I meant they are really lovely pictures.

Thank your Mama for her lovely comments on Jeannie's Blog. xxxxxx
love and licks Marv xxxxx

Butchy & Snickers said...

Oh our dawgness, you got so much snow! It's actually in the 50's here now. We luv it. Sounds like you had a labarific time at grandma's house with Molly & Zach. Oh, did you know that Boo is getting a wittle brodder?? & Nanook might be getting a brodder or sister, and Mackie has a new brodder??? Geez, where's our new brodder or sister?
Glad you got back home safely!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Sunshade said...

Oh WOW!! All that snow, I love love snow, but all we have is rain rain rain and more rain... You look soooo cute covered in snow, I bet you love it too!

Mummy thinks the whole in our sky is getting bigger and bigger that's why we get weird funky weathers all over the world.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Peanut said...

Geez all that snow what fun. I wish I could have gone with you to your grandma's house. I am glad you are back home now though.

Lillie Valentine said...

I love snow toO!! Our snow is all gone though. It is warming up here and it feels like spring. Mom says NO to more sNOw!

Boo said...

oh, so much snow! i thought spring is here but how come you all still having snow? i must study my geography to get the weather for all my doggies country right! LOL

well, at least you get a shorter trip back instead of the double amount you use to drive there!

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

that snow is taller than ME! looks like you had fun though!!

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

(Bow)wow, send some snow over here.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

wally said...

Hi Dory! That snow doesn't look so good to me but I have a low clearance so snow doesn't work so well for me. Looks like YOU had fun, though!