Sunday, September 24, 2006


This morning I went to vacuum and wash the car. Just an average Sunday morning, but it got me to thinking. Well what actually got me thinking was the fact I couldn’t hear NPR on my car radio over the vacuum noise and thumping rap beat of the car at the next vacuum, so my mind began pondering my task.

Anyhow, Buoy was with us as foster dog for a little over a month, but somehow his yellow labbie fur will be with me forever. As I stood there all hunched over my tailgate working away at vacuuming up all the fur, all I could think was - how on earth did this fur become so embedded in my car's flooring rug?

I mean I can vacuum up my loose humna hair no problem, but dog hair seems to have this way of infiltrating any sort of fiber - has the scientific community given this phenomenon any thought?? Surely the technology could be of some use to humanity.

Well I suppose if science has no used for it, at least it’s longevity stands as a tucked away, appears at any time reminder of our loved labs of the past and our beloved Dory of today.

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