Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dory's turn...

Hello. I have taken over the computer and will be writing today's post. As you can see by my photos, I enjoy blogging, email and posting photos to my web album. My computer of choice is a Dell. I am much cooler than that "Dude gotta get a Dell" guy - maybe they could use me for their ads!

I just want to say hi, as you can see by the blog here I have been very busy inspiring my Mom's posts. I have also been busy learning new things like sit, stay and the dreaded down. My Mom was very disappointed that I wouldn't do a "down" so this evening when she offered me meatloaf I finally had to cave and actually did "down" three times for her.

I have also been wondering - is there a doggie version of I'm a SBSF (single black spayed female) looking for a SBNM. Must love humans, frolicing at the park, rawhide chews, stealing pizza off the counter and playing tug with a rag bone. I am a Sagittarius who enjoys boating, sleeping and blogging. Woof!!

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