Friday, September 22, 2006


Okay, first it was the great choke vs flat collar debate. Then, we moved onto harnesses, the harness was too big, she found a way to wiggle out of the harness.

We then moved on to the "Gentle Leader" head collar, $28 bucks to lead my dog around by her nose. It did keep her from pulling, but she hated it and would literally wince when she saw me take it out.

I used the head collar until last night, when nicely but firmly the lead trainer said she would really rather me use the flat collar or a harness. Well $15 dollars more and now I am the proud owner of a "Gentle Leader Easy Walk" harness. I'm not sure it's going to work, but I swear by oh mighty Isis to give it a try.

I felt really positive about class after the first one, I worked all week with Dory and even got her to do "down". I felt good, I felt we had moved forward - till last night.

LOOSE LEASH WALKING. Words that will forever send a shiver down my spine. This is not Dory's forte - and with a newly implanted titanium knee, walking is not really my best skill either. I have a feeling I will have to put in alot of hours on this skill, that and pray, pray, pray!!

It's Friday night, so I need to go get my "Dive Day" stuff together for tomorrow, that and Dory and I need to discuss LOOSE LEASH WALKING!!!

Have a great weekend.

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