Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Window Shopping

This is Zeus, he is 8 years old and for adoption through Labs4Rescue.

Don't get me wrong, I love Dory to pieces and I am thrilled she has become part of the family, but I must confess I still visit the Labs4Rescue site and window shop.

I believe if I had a bigger place I would have more dogs, I always had two dogs before moving to Massachusetts. My theory - once you have one, having one or two more is just as easy. I know some people reading this think I'm insane, and maybe you are right, but I was raised where having 3-5 dogs around was the norm and there was always enough dog chow and love to go around.

There are three dogs in particular that I always see to visit in my spare moments on-line. All three of them are senior dogs, all around 8 years old, and for some Labs that can be almost mid-life. Mom's Burr lived to 16 and was healthy as a horse until just before passing. Mandy was another long-lived Lab, she had to be at least 14 before drifting off to sleep one day.

This is Olive, she is also 8 years old and for adoption at Labs4Rescue.

This one yellow male, Zeus, has been on the Petfinder list since at least June. Every time I see his picture I just want to pick up the phone or dash off an email and say I will take him. His picture and story just tug at my heart and someone needs to give this oversized lug a little loving.

The other two dogs who I also visit frequently are Olive and Bean. According to the listing they are sisters who are being surrendered. I'm not sure if it the cute as a button faces or the scenic fall "Lab pin-up girl" photos of them that draws me to them, but what ever it is I always leave the website saying to myself - who wouldn't want two such cuties.

I know some people may consider senior dogs a hassle, or perhaps they want a little more time with the dog they adopt, but I have to disagree. When I decided to adopt a second dog after I had moved into the first house I bought, I had no idea how old the dog was.

I already had Lucy since puppy hood, a gift to me after Gillie had passed and at the time she was only about 4 years old. My mom's friends run a boarding kennel and a golden was brought to them, apparently the owner had dies and his family didn't want to keep the dog. Fox was cute as a bug's ear. She was round and petite and feisty. We can only estimate that she was somewhere between 8-10 years old. She came to live with us and it was great to have her in the family, as she was definitely the "class clown"

This is Bean, Olive's sister and she is also 8 years old and available for adoption through Labs4Rescue.

Fox was only around a few years, but I am proud to say the few years I was able to provide her with were full of love, good medical care and lots of spoiling.

More than likely I will keep visiting these dogs as long as they are posted, and each day I will include them in my thoughts and prayers so that they find a loving home and have a wonderful rest of their life.

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