Monday, January 29, 2007

Girl's Big Weekend

By Dory
This past Friday Dad went to Arizona to visit his parents at their new house in Sun City West. Mom called it our “Girl’s Weekend” and we had a good time but boy do I miss Dad today. I think my BEST and WORST list says it all….

WORST things about Dad being away:

1. No “human” snacks – mom’s on a diet.
2. Mom gave me a BATH!!!
3. No Dad to play rough with me.
4. No Dad to cuddle on mom’s new sofa with.
5. No Dad to stay up late and watch TV with!
BEST things about Dad being away:

1. I get to sleep on the bed with Mom.
2. Mom spends lots of quality snuggle time with me.
3. When Mom goes out I get to as she calls it “Ride Shot Gun”.
4. We go more “Doggie Friendly” places like Petsmart .
5. Mom and I “shop” for fun new doggie toys and pretty collars on line!

The very Best thing is that Dad will be home tonight!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Red is my color...

Mom said red is "my color" - I have no idea what she means, but it seems to make her happy and I am going with that. First Mom got me a red collar with little white hearts all over - "special for Valentine's Day!"she said.
THEN - when we were all sick a very special package from Snickers and Butchy's mom Linda!!! Linda made me this awesome fleece coat. It is cherry red on one side and basic black on the other!
This is the bestest coat a doggie ever had!! Dad likes the black side and Mom likes the red - I just love it because the weather person told us it is going to be 19 degrees tomorrow with a wind chill near 0!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom said I had to stand still and look pretty like my friend Maggie did for her coat picture - but I like to move around too much. Sorry Mom - I tried my best!
PS - Can anyone tell me how to type a name and make it a link to their site?? I am very perplexed! Stay warm - Love, Dory

Thursday, January 18, 2007

What do you get when....

Hi, Liza here. The question of the day is what do you get when you live somewhere where the temperatures are in the 60's one day and the teens the next???

What if you add in a cute as a button Lab who scarfs down any snack like items - whether they are edible or not???


Well, in our case you get two cases of the flu and a mystery doggie tummy ache.

First Dory ate something that laid her low. Even after a trip to the vet and a variety of meds we have no idea what it was but she was the first to get sick last week.

While I was running her to the vet and busy with work I noticed I was feeling kind of light headed and out of sorts - sure enough I came down with the flu bug. Between Dory vomiting and my own assorted symptoms I felt sure the the end of the world was coming - then it happened.

Yes, our rock, Chris was hit with the flu too. It was utter chaos! No one was eating, we all seemed to be sleeping 27 hours a day and floating around in a fog - if it weren't for the kindness of friends and family I felt sure we were all doomed, but that may have been the fever talking.

So I am sorry to have been away from the blog - but honestly this virus made even bending my fingers over the keyboard painful. Slowly but surely we seem to be getting back to normal. Dory has been eating and bouncy for the past two days and I made it into the office and through an actual day of work. Chris is sitting up, coherent and plans on going back to work tomorrow.

My plans for the upcoming weekend - scrubbing the house until we are germ free and buying gallons of Purell. All three of us sick at the same time has made me realize disaster planning is critical!!!

More blogging soon - Dory and I promise.....

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Holiday Reflections

We took down our Christmas tree this week and I noticed that amidst all the packing of ornaments and sorting of decorations that Dory was a little off. She seemed anxious and was under our feet and almost whiney.

Often I am surprised at the parallels between raising a dog and raising a child are. Dory is so comfortable with us, such a good girl and I forget that she has only been with us for six months. I’m sure that Dory perceives the world as sometimes a shifting and scary place. I forget that when she sees us pack up stuff or leave in the car – she may not be really sure if we are coming back.

Dory seemed to really like the tree, she sat by it even when I wasn’t trying to get a “holiday photo” and I’m sure the entire hullabaloo was a little frightening. Of course now I wonder (and worry) if she thinks someday we will pack her off too.

All I do know is once the vacuuming was done and we had settled in to watch football, Dory seemed to get back to normal too. As part of my New Year’s resolution this year I will do my best to make sure Dory feels safe, secure and loved (even if she steals pizza off the counter)!

Here are three photos from the holidays that I loved, not because they were especially good or anything, I just think they showed how happy and blessed we are and they demonstrate how Dory has become such an important part of our family...

When we lugged the tree in Dory must have thought we were nuts - I get the feeling her thoughts in this photo are "Gosh, I hope I don't have to play fetch with this thing!"

Chris hates this photo, but I love it because Dory loves to be where ever "Dad" is and Dad = fun in her mind. I just think this one is funny because they both appear to be intrigued by the polartec gloves Santa brought.

Dory is really loved by everyone in family and my Uncle Harvey is no exception. He loves any four footed furry friend around, but Dory has a earned a spot in Harvey's favorites category. On Christmas morning after being festooned with ribbons Dory knew right were to go for some sympathy and good old fashion ear rubbing!

Friday, January 05, 2007

A Rug for Dory

My mom has been doing rug hooking for what seems like forever. Now this isn't latch hook mind you this is colonial rug hooking using small strips of wool that has been boiled and dyed to make a picture on a canvas of burlap or linen.

Mom's rugs and wall hangings are everywhere and it is fun because usually whatever I draw she can do.

Like the house we lived in when I was little - Stone Ridge Farm.

Or her three dogs, Zachary, Lucy and Mollie.
At any rate we are all very excited because "Gramma" told Dory and I this morning that she was thinking of featuring Dory in one of her next rugs!!! So Dory will be busy practicing her poses and I will sharpen up my pencils so we are ready to sketch out Miss D in all her glory!!

How fun!! If you would like to see more of Mom's rugs - you can check them out on my Webshots Album Page entitled Cal's Rugs:

Have a great weeekend and keep blogging!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dory here!! Happy New Year to one and all....

This is why we love Dad!! He is always thinking.

Mom was sad because she had no pictures of me and my first Massachusetts snow fall, but Dad saved the day! He had the camera in his pocket when we went out in the yard early in the morning on Saturday!! Mom is happy now that everyone can see me in the snow. Mom says she still would like a "snow day", whatever that is - but I'm just happy the weekend is coming and I get to be with my people all day long!!!

Oh and thanks Joe and Maggie - maybe if we all keep singing my mom can get that snow day soon! Mom said Butchy and Snicker's mom will make me a new coat too- how awesomely cool is that! (I know Dad will be rolling his eyes, but I LOVE fashion!)
Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Let it snow????

*SIGH* All Dory and I wanted was a white Christmas - but the only white thing we saw fall was the whip cream sliding off the mincemeat pie!!

Finally we had flurries this weekend- but only a dusting that quickly melted away. Dory seemed to enjoy the snow, but she definitely does not like the COLD that goes with the snow. The snow came and went so fast, I couldn't even get a picture of Dory at play in it!!

I know people will hate me - but after being back to work the last few days I could already use a "snow day"!!!! It has been very busy and very warm here in New England.

Couldn't we all join hands and sing a few bars of "Let it Snow"?