Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Call of the Wild

My humans took me camping this weekend - WOO HOO it was fun!! Here I am guarding Don's truck - at least that's what they told me! We cooked out, went on hikes and sat around the camp fire! Here I am playing with my friend Stephanie - she gives lots of good petting! Her parents are friends with my humans and they brought their house camping too!
As you can see in the back ground - lots of people camp. There was even a dog that looked just like Joe Stains! I was so confused! Here are Don and Stephanie participating in my favorite activity - petting me!!
I am also in charge of guarding our house! Mom says it's a camper not a house but to me anything with a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen is a house. Stephanie even trusts me to guard her bicycle too. Even my humans had a good time and went on a hike to take pictures in the woods. My humans need to get a life - no pictures of them together but plenty of shots like this silly one!

Oh and for those of you who asked - I couldn't go to the Scottish Games last week because it was in the 90's and humid and my humans were afraid I'd get overheated or worse. I stayed home in air conditioned comfort and was very happy when they came home and cooked out!

Have a great week everyone - my humans say boating is on the schedule for this weekend! I think Miss Sophie La Brador was in Marblehead looking at my boat - I can't believe I missed her!!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I wanna be SCOTTISH

Labrador, smabrador - I want to be Scottish!

My Mom's ancestors were mostly from Scotland and so are her new guy's family! So for fun, my humans went to Scottish Games in Northampton, Massachusetts this weekend and they saw all kinds of really cool stuff!
There were men in skirts playing the bagpipes and tossing around all sorts of stuff.
And there were all kinds of Scottish doggies there too! Some of them even got to play with sheep and ducks!!
I would look AWESOME in a kilt - PLAID is my color!!!
Three cheers for Scotland - just call me Dory the Scotland Retriever!

Monday, July 14, 2008

High Seas Labrador

Dory here reporting from Hawthorne Cove Marina in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts!
Last weekend was all about hiking and fireworks - this weekend - shenanigans on the high seas of the Atlantic Ocean. We saw lots of other boats...
Lots of lighthouses too and we even got to go swimming - Wooo Hooo!
Here I am aboard the Halosydne - our little boat! Nothing beats a great day at sea!!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

I'm back...

Okay - my human was distracted! I have forgiven her and she has guaranteed to post once a week. Crisis averted.

So what have I been doing - well boating, hiking and spending time with my people. On the 4th of July we went for a hike and saw lots of neat waterfalls - here is one of them.

And here I am at another - gazing at the beautiful Massachusetts scenery!
So not to fear, aliens have not kidnapped me and you don't need to call the coast guard! My human and her new guy have been keeping this Lab girl busy, busy, BUSY!

Oh and Happy Belated Fourth of July everyone!!!!