Monday, December 22, 2008

Heading Up and Moving Out

Hello All! We are going to Gramma's house for Christmas - so I thought i would prod my human into one more post before we leave.

I wanted to share some pictures of my humans - including my new guy. Here he is scrunching my ears when we were hiking this fall. We do a lot of cool trips to waterfalls and other pretty places and most of the time my humans make sure I can come along. My favorite part of any trip or for that matter any day, is when Don does some serious ear scrunching with me!
This fall my humans went on a trip (without me *SIGH*) to New Hampshire, where they attended the Loon Mountain Scottish Games and Festival. Since they both have ancestors from Scotland - they dressed up fancy and went to dinner.

My humans are pretty cute and they are taking good care of me - I'm excited to be going to Gramma's this wee and I hope to have lots of good pictures! Gramma said she has even more snow than we do out at her house! Woo Hoo!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Some 'splaining to do...

WOW - where to start, I know my human has been neglecting my blog, but I have spoken to her and she has agreed to amend her ways. As Ricky Ricardo on TV says - I have "some 'splaining to do"!

First off - did you guys hear about the ice storm that happened outside of Boston?? We were at Don's house when the storm barreled through and here are some photos of what happened!

Trees down in Westford MA
Traffic problems here too
Those trees are in my walking path!

Well enough of that and on to other news - yesterday was my SIXTH BIRTHDAY! I got a BIG rawhide treat and a new stuffed toy and even got a special decorated doggie cookie. It was a great day and I appreciate all the warm wishes from my furry friends!!

The other news I have is that my human is getting married this coming April. Ever since Thanksgiving she and her "fiance" have been doing wedding stuff - BLECK. I hate all the lovey dovey stuff, but I am excited that TWO humans are going to buy me a new house with a yard and everything. Who knows maybe I'll even get my own room!!

So I am very sorry that we have been away from the blog - but as you can see I was hard at work match making! How could my new guy no fall in love with me, and my mom isn't too bad either!
My mom has sworn an oath to help me post more really soon. Have a great day everyone!!
Love, Dory