Sunday, February 24, 2008

Silent Sunday

Playing with some of my favorite images...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Mom and I went to Gramma's for the long Presidential Weekend! I must say I had certainly had Presidential treatment all weekend. As you can see it was snowy and icy at Gramma's House.

I love Gramma and today I decided to list my TOP FIVE REASONS!!
NUMBER 5: Gramma has a great yard to play in - no matter what the weather!
NUMBER 4: At Gramma's it's okay to play rough because she simply "Throws us out in the yard".
NUMBER 3: There are all my doggie cousins to play with - Mac, Mollie and Zachary.
NUMBER 2: Gramma and Uncle Harvey give me lots and lots of love, cookies, tummy rubs and nibbles from the table (but don't tell Mom)!NUMBER 1: No "Health Care Sundays" when we are away. This Sunday I got to sleep in, play with friends and there was no nail clipping or teeth brushing at all! WOO HOO!
So that was my weekend at Gramma's in pictures along with my Top Five Reasons I love Gramma. Have a great week every doggie!
Oh, and since Gramma reads my blog me and Mom just wanted to say:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wet Nose Smooches All Around!

Hey gang - Dory here! Whew New England - one minute it is snowing the next rainstorms with thunder! The weather has been crazy and my crazy mother has been baking again! When she told me we were going to make cookies - I thought she meant DOGGIE COOKIES - but no such luck. Mom made heart shape shortbread cookies...
Some had chocolate drizzled all over,
Others had pink icing.
And sadly all of them, red sprinkles, pink icing and chocolate drizzle - well they all got packed in a box and Mom took them to work.
A few cookies did come my way, and my mom said it is good to share our home made goodies with our friends. Mom says we are off to Gramma's tomorrow after work - so we wanted to take the opportunity to say....

I'm sending every doggie out there some wet nose smooches!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I want one!

As many of you know the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is going on and my human was looking at some of the breed footage from today and man are there alot of good looking doggies out there! Whew.

Anyhow my favorites from today were the Cardigan Welsh Corgis - talk about cuties!! You can click here to see for yourself!

I asked Mom if I could have one but she said "NO"! What no discussion?? That's not FAIR!!

I would love it and play with it and name him GEORGE for heavens sake! I mean really! How can she say NO to this face?

I hear there is a woman named Elizabeth in England who has Corgis and Labs and they liked her so much for being a good dog mom they made her QUEEN OF ENGLAND! My mom could be QUEEN OF MASSACHUSETTS if she would only get me a cute little Corgi dog!!! How about THAT Mom?!?!?

Even after my excellent argument, my mom still says "NO" and said even if I loved it and played with it she would still have to feed it and clean up after it so no means NO.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just a regular Sunday...

So my human was a little slow today. Her barkday was this week and all the humans kept her busy, she was even out last night at a hockey game and didn't take me. (Being out late is not a good look for Mom - or maybe it was the beer?) SO after some major cuddling this morning I convinced her to go to the dog park and maybe up to Winter Island so I could play by the ocean.
Of course in order for me to have some time for fun, I have to sit for all these stupid pictures!
Isn't my ocean pretty?
The only thing that makes the photo shoot bearable is the COOKIES in Mom's pocket!
It was a nice time at the beach, but like all good things, you have to go home. Mom says we are going to bake some cookies for Valentine's Day - could those be DOGGIE COOKIES?

Have a great week everyone!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Dory has let me hijack the blog today and of course I am on my soapbox because today is very important. Today in Massachusetts and in many other states around the country - it is primary day. On my way to work this morning I stopped by the Senior Center and voted.

I saw an interview on TV a while back with a World War II veteran who said, "I fought for America, I fought for freedom and I fought so future generations can have the right to vote."

So be you Democrat, Independant or Republican - if you are in a "SUPER TUESDAY" state, please enjoy your freedom, honor our veterans, remember our founding fathers and take the time to vote.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Time to say so long...

Well our beloved Patriots didn't win, but it was a heck of a season and a heart stopping game. My human says we should be good sports so we would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to all our friends who are Giants fans.

Secondly as we head back to our homes I would live to give a huge hug and thank you to Gussie, Joey, Tanner, Teka, Asta, Ruby and all the other "PAWTY goers" who made this a great weekend no matter what the outcome! We loved being included in the Superbowl Pawty and have some great memories to take back to Boston.

After all good friends, fun times and wonderful memories are worth more than any old trophy. Thanks guys...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl HOOPLAAAA!!!

Reporting from Superbowl 42 in fabulous Arizona:

WOW - Gussie and Joe REALLY know how to host a PAWTY!! Here I am relaxing at the SPA - let me tell you pawdicures alone were worth the flight out! Some of the gang indulged in mud baths, but I myself chose a sea salt bath and massage! The sea water doesn't feel that nice back home - I wonder what the secret is?
Gussie and Muzzer planned a special day at the Grand Canyon for us - I love New England but have to say the desert is just beautiful. I also took a special side trip over to Window Rock Arizona where my mom spent some time a couple of years ago. It was stunning.
Then who can forget our oh so romantic "Sentimental Journey". I was going to ask Mac to come out and join me, but living with Gramma in New York, he has become a NY Giants fan and under the circumstances I just can't fraternize with him right now.

The whole gang had a love time, learned many new dances and danced their paws off!! Aren't Flash and I cute!
Oh and did I mention the Guacamole dip! Mucho Gracias to Albert - it gives new meaning to the word YUMMOOOOO!
Whew - I'm gonna need a power nap so I can get my game face on for tonight! GOOOOOOO PATRIOTS!!!!!!

Reporting from beautiful Arizona, this has been Dory the EXHAUSTED LabraDory!

For more news from the Superbowl PAWTY check out Gussies's blog, Joe's blog, Asta's blog and Ruby too! (Oh I hope I haven't forgot anyone, my body and brains are tired!) - So check them all out...(Yes Gramma, that means YOU!)