Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gramma Bound!!

I'm ready to go - but sadly my human and her guy have to WORK and we can't leave until tomorrow afternoon!! PHOOEY! I told my mom that this work stuff is really cramping my style, not to mention my social calendar - but then she reminded me that if she didn't work she wouldn't have money and without money I wouldn't have a house and all the kibble I can eat. So hi ho, hi ho Mom - it's off to work you go!!
While the humans toil away I can fill the hours until we depart by daydreaming of romping in Gramma's super awesome yard and playing with my pals Mac and Mollie!!
So Gramma - Mom, Don and I will see you tomorrow night - tell Uncle Harvey to be prepared for some ear scrunching and let Mac know I am ready to romp in the yard!! (Oh and Mom made it clear that I was allowed on the good sofa for picture taking pictures only - she is such a party pooper!)

Wishing all my doggie pals and their humans a great weekend - see you when we get back from New York!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We would love him...

My human read me this story in the Boston Globe all about a dazed and confused seal. Apparently the cute fella hopped aboard a sailboat and had to be chased away twice. The news report said that out on the west coast there is an issue with the algae.

"Marine mammal rescuers said the animal is likely suffering from the poisoning effects of a toxin found in algae. Such unusual behavior is a red flag for domoic acid poisoning, said Amy Traxler, coordinator at the San Juan County Marine Mammal Stranding Network in Friday Harbor. Domoic acid is a neurotoxin that occurs naturally in algae. Marine mammals affected by the toxin can display erratic, aggressive behavior and often become disoriented, said Mieke Eerkens, spokeswoman for Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, Calif."

So hey seal dude, if you can, just swim on over to the North Atlantic, specifically Salem Harbor in Massachusetts - we are very seal friendly. All my human and I can say to you is that to paraphrase the immortal Bugs Bunny - we would keep you and love you and pet you and name you George!

For the full story, click here!

Monday, August 04, 2008

On the water

Okay my human is possibly the goofiest person in the world. We went boating this weekend and here she is on her "float" as she calls it. I get to go swimming, but I don't have a float - totally not fair. I also think it is very funny that I get to swim around free as a bird and here she is with a leash attached to her raft!! HA HA! Now you may be saying Dory - where is the picture of you in the water - well I have nervous humans. My Mom and Don said they need both hands free when I am in the water, they said they don't want me to be swept away - I just think they like relaxing too much on the boat!
The weekend was nice, but Saturday and Sunday there were storms in the afternoon so we had to cut our trips short.

Stormy skies over Beverly, Massachusetts - the view from our boat.
Cool clouds - Salem Harbor.

The weather moving in - scary even though it is miles away. That's the story from Boston this week. No specific plans for next weekend yet, but whatever we do I'm sure my humans will be keeping me busy.

Thank heavens for the weekdays! My humans have jobs to go to and it is the only chance I get to rest! A Lab needs her beauty sleep after all!!