Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's a Movement!

Dory the Good Will Amblabrador... Working around the world to eradicate Black Dog Bias and Discrimination!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A chat with Mom...

So Mom and I were chatting today and this is how it went:

Liza: Dory there was a really interesting article on "Big Black Dog Syndrome" on yesterday, would you like me to read it to you?

Dory: WOW they named a syndrome after me? Is that bad or good? Do I get royalty rights? Did they use my picture?

Liza: Dory - slow down, "Big Black Dog Syndrome" is a term used because most people are fearful of and reluctant to adopt big black dogs.

Dory: So is having a syndrome like having my own month, you told me back in February it was Black Lab Month and I never got any cards and no presents - that was a total disappointment...

Liza: Oh good grief, Dory I told you February was Black HISTORY month, NOT Black Lab month! You never listen to me.

Dory: I mean you know how black labs are special, so if I have my own month AND my own syndrome I at least expect treats!

Liza: Dory, do you want me to read the article to you or not?

Dory: Does the article mention me specifically?

Liza: No, it's about how many great black dogs go homeless because of bias against big black dogs.

Dory: I got a great home, not to mention a loving family and I get to go for boat rides - you mean there are black doggies who don't get that?

Liza: Yes Dory, this is an important issue - we need to be goodwill ambassadors for "big black dogs" so that others can find good homes, just like you did.

Dory: HMMMM - I like it Dory the Amblabrador. It has a nice ring - do I get a crown or something, maybe treats???

Liza: ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For some reason at that point in our chat Mom left the room? Go figure. Anyhow check out the article at

Please help spread the word that

Monday, April 07, 2008


Hi everybody.... Dory here!My human has been uncooperative! I want to blog, she has to work. I want to blog and she wants to go on dates! I want to blog and she says she needs 8 hours of sleep each night!


On the upside dating means me and Mom go hiking and spend time with the world's best ear scruncher -well actually second best next to Uncle Harvey. Mom's boyfriend even let's me help cook when we go over to his house, but just like Mom this guy sticks to the no treats at the table - NO FAIR!

Here is one of the places we like to hike - it's very pretty...And here I am helping with the cooking!!! I am the official kitchen supervisor...Notice Mom is NOT helping with the cooking - but it's okay cause afterall she is busy petting me.
Anyhow, the weather is getting warmer, boating season is coming closer and love is in the air - Mom may be uncooperative, but she does lots of fun stuff with me. Oh and tomorrow is opening day at Fenway -
GO SOX!!!!!!