Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Hi! Dory here - and boy oh boy, has it been fun around here. My bath at Laundromutt made me shiny and clean!
Mom's friend went to The Black Dog Tavern and Store, and imagine that a whole tavern and store right on the island of Martha's Vineyard named for me!!! Anyhow, Mom's friend got me this great collar with my picture on it.
Isn't this cool!!!!!!!!!!!
Then a box arrived and I was very excited - what could it be???
Well when my human finally got the box opened I was very disappointed, it smelled rubbery like a dog toy - but it wasn't for me.
Sadly it was for my human. She needed boots to keep her feet dry on the boat and she found some at Target.com that she couldn't pass up. Apparently there are about 50 different women's rain boots in all kinds of fun colors and patterns and cheap too!!
Then today in the mail a package from Kathleen at Snazzy Petz on Ebay came which can only mean one thing - A NEW COLLAR!!
It looks really pretty and Mom says it is special for the 4th of July!
Kathleen always wraps up my collars so pretty when she sends them - she made my Lobster and University of Michigan collars too.
It's very nice - red, white and blue with USA and stars in gold - that truly is SNAZZY!! Thanks Kathleen - you and Wally Cat make the bestest collars ever!
Mom said I could "try it on"!
Don't hate me because I'm BEAUTIFUL!!


Just a note to let everyone know - I HAVE A BAD HUMAN MOM!

We all had a great Memorial Day Weekend - the weather was warm, the seas were calm and the sky was blue. We spent lots of time hanging out on board the Kanaloa and enjoying what the man in the box called "the unoffical start of summer"!!

So with all this perfection - why is Mom being called bad?? She didn't take enough pictures!!!

The only shot of me was when The Finback - a local charter boat on the docks with us!! I got to go aboard and check out the accomodations. It's a great big boat - but not as comfy as our boat.

If you look real close you can see my head poking over the gunwale!

Needless to say I am First Dog aboard the Kanaloa and I think I'll stick with that.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

TAGGED and we don't mean GUTENTAG

Flori tagged us and we are happy to participate! (She is the cutest German Labrador Retriever living in England we know!)

The tag requires us to list 8 random facts/habits - Dory and I are taking this on together as a project. These are some things that aren't generally known about us:

1. LEGS: Liza has an artifical knee made of titanium. Very cool but now she buzzes at the airport! Dory still has her dew claws on all four feet, not fun on nail clipping day.

2. HOMETOWN: Liza was born in but never LIVED in the state of Connecticut. Dory came from Northern Mississippi as a rescue dog and has the southern drawl to prove it.

3. TELEVISION: Liza never misses an episode of LOST or The Sopranos. Dory adores old reruns of PBS/BBC All Creatures Great and Small and enjoys the Dog Whisperer. (She makes a very funny face when she hears cows moo on TV!)

4. MOVIES: Liza is a huge fan of World War 2 movies like The Great Escape and Saving Private Ryan. Dory cries every time we watch Charlotte's Web and Homeward Bound.

5. HOBBIES: Liza's favorite hobbies are knitting and photography. Dory's favorite hobby is "surfing" - that is countersurfing and surfing the web!

6. FOOD: Liza loves Indian food, especially Chicken Tikka Masala. Dory loves pizza and raw lamb chops. (see hobbies above!)

7. MUSIC: Liza loves U2, Goo Goo Dolls and Bon Jovi (she's still stuck in the 80's). Dory's favorite hits include "Black Dog" by Led Zepplin, "Givin the Dog a Bone" by AC/DC and "Rubber Biscuit" by the Blues Brothers.

8. VACATION: Liza's favorite vacation spot is anywhere on Cape Cod as long as it is on the beach. Dory's favorite vacation spot is Gramma's house - it is dog friendly and everyone knows her name!

So here are the rules for those who I am tagging:

1. Each person tagged starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. The person tagged blogs about each of these facts and posts these rules.
3. At the end of the blog entry, list eight people to get tagged.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged, and to read your blog.

I hate to do it but here is our "tagee" list - Maggie and Mitch, Peanut and Flash, Ruby, Boo Cassanova, Sparky, Kaos, Sophie and the Dachsies!

Sad to see it over...

Hello - Dory here. Mom is too sad to post today so I've had to ask my dad to help. First, her beloved Montreal Canadians didn't make the Stanley Cup playoffs - a dark day for "Mom the Ice Hockey Fan".

Then Tuesday night Mom's other favorite hockey team, the Detroit Red Wings lost and were eliminated from the Cup playoffs too. We have now entered the sports dead zone - no hockey or football teams to root for for months to come. The only glimmer of happiness for this sport fan family - FISHING!!

Our boat the Kanaloa is on the water, the weekend weather forecast is finally "sunny and warm"! Rumor has it the striped bass are making their way up the Atlantic coast.

We all hope no matter what your plans are this holiday weekend - we wish you all a healthy, happy Memorial Day!! Dog days of summer?? Bring them on!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Drip, Drop - When Will It Stop?

Rain... Rain... Go away!

Come again another day -

Like a week from next Monday...

Drip... Drop... Won't you stop, just for an hour or two?

Splish... Splash... How I wish Mr. Cloud would let the sun shine through...

It looked like it was going to be a sad, no fun day - It has been cool and rainy here in New England since Friday. Cold and rain mean no going out on our boat, no driving over to the dog park and more than likely "HEALTH CARE"! (Which I dread)

Well, instead of spending Sunday around the house, Mom actually got my leash out and I had no idea where we were going. We piled into the Jeep and headed off to Cambridge.

Mom's master plan was to go over to
Laundromutt in Cambridge. We drive by it all the time when we go to our doggie school for what Mom calls "Obedience Class". It certainly looked fun from the outside - so I was pretty excited. As it turns out Laundromutt is sort of health care related (I was a little disappointed by that), but on the up side as bathtime goes - it was pretty cool!

Mom couldn't get a picture of me there - she said I can be a handful in a new setting. I think she just didn't want to be seen as the nerdy computer geek, overly spoiling, dog doting gal she really is.

I hate bath time - but if we can go to Laundromutt to take a bath - honestly I won't mind at all. The tub had a ladder and I was hooked in. Mom said it was nice because she wasn't all hunched over kneeling on cold tile in our bathroom. The folks at the shop were very nice and helpful to me and Mom. They had nice smelling dog shampoo and made sure the water wasn't too cold and not too hot.

When the bath was over and I was unhooked I got to show off my athletic ability by leaping out! I got to shake and had a nice towel dry!!

When we were all done Mom bought me a peanut butter chew bone - which I devoured on the way home! A nice treat for as Mom said "being such a good girl during my bath"!

Laundromutt has all different levels of serivce - Mom selected a bath with house special shampoo and a towel dry. She was a little worried about me and the fur dryer noise - she said maybe next time we would do that. You can also just go for a nail trim, a quick wash or a full on doggie beauty treatment.

I was also excited because they had great smelling toys and treats. I saw toys just like my own Duckie, Phessie and Goosey right there on the table.

Normally Mom and I don't promote stuff on our blog - but if you and your human are in Cambridge (maybe on your way to visit ME - HINT, HINT), we think you would like Laundromutt too.

All in all - I would say FOUR PAWS UP for Laundromutt! (I give four paws down for our lousy New England weather!) I smell and look good and after all of the excitement of the day we can all settle in for a cosy Sunday afternoon - dogs and humans alike!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just say no - TO WORK!

My humans have been very busy - WORKING!!! I say work, shmurk - I want to play!!!

Mom it is time to stop and smell the ROSES...
Both of you need to frolic in a field.....
Dad it's time to dip your toes in the ocean....
MOST OF ALL - it's time to play with ME!!! Here I wait PATIENTLY!! Is it FRIDAY?? (Okay - Gussie has far better poetic skills than I do - but you all catch my drift - right?!)

Oh and FYI - Thanks to everyone for their support during my ear crisis. (Mom, I know you said it wasn't a crisis - just type what I say - OKAY) Anyhow, my ears are on the mend and I am feeling more myself.
Love, Dory

Sunday, May 13, 2007

2 Fer!!!

Okay - this is what my Dad calls a 2fer - meaning that you get two things for the price of one!

First - I am sending out a shout out to my Gramma. Happy Mother's Day to her for all she does for me, Mom, my doggie cousins and even my Dad!!

I also want to send out Happy Mother's Day out to all my doggie friends and their human moms - every day you care for and love us - THANKS!

NOW! The second part of our "2 fer" - Avery had some awesomely cute "tummy shots" and tagged me. Here you go. Mom dug deep in the Dory archives for these!

If you think I am cute here - wait till you see my belly!!

For some reason I loved rolling over on my back and gazing up at our lovely Christmas tree!

Of course laying under the tree was also a great way to NAP!

But I also bear my tummy when I play too!!

Monday, May 07, 2007


Oh the indignity of today!!!

There I was enjoying a snooze when Mom came home early and said "Let's go Dor!" I thought wow, we must be going to do something fun, right? There she she stood, still in her work clothes, but she had a smile on her face and the car keys and my leash in her hand.

Off I went!

Everything was just dandy until we pulled into the dreaded place - the animal hospital. I tried to run, I attempted to hide - there was no hope. There I was trapped by my beloved Mother at the vet's office.

At first I was fine, but then the vet came in and started poking and prodding. I couldn't help myself - I peed the floor. I never pee like that, especially inside but I was just too afraid of what would happen next.

Well, then it happened, that mean old vet, he touched my SORE EAR!!!

I had no recourse, there I was pressed up against my mom trying to will myself into and through her and far away from the man, I was trapped and I did the unspeakable!!!

I tried to NIP the veterinarian!!

Mom was in shock, I have never barred my teeth at anyone or anything, NEVER and needless to say I immediately got muzzled. I am so sorry I tried to bite the vet - it's just he was sticking plastic pokey things in my very sore ears and I just wanted him to stop!!

So there I was, muzzled and miserable when they they led me away to get my "ears flushed" and my toes clipped. When they finally stopped torturing me and took me back to Mom, she sitting on the chair in tears. Mom had heard me crying all they way down the hall and between that and the nipping incident - we both were a little unhinged.

Now my mother has informed me that I have pills, ointment and wash all in hopes that the nasty yeast infection in my ears will GO AWAY.

My dear readers, if your human arrives home early, doesn't take time to change out of their work clothes and seems anxious to hustle you off in the car....RUN, it can only be one destination, the vet, so just RUN!

NOTE: Liza here, Dory has taken to her bed. She says she can write another word and doesn't want to speak to me the rest of the evening. I believe she is resting comfortably and I hope that after today's trauma both Dor and I can get back to normal. Dory and I would also like to thank everyone for their insightful and and supportive comments and emails about expanding our little family. We don't have a set timeline - so we will have to keep you posted from time to time as our adoption search begins. We have also enjoyed and appreciated the great comments on how our furry friends wake up their humans. We hope all our friends have a great week ahead! Keep on blogging!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

North Attleboro Dog Walk...

The North Attleboro Dog Walk was so Much FUN!!

There were raffle baskets and flyers, t-shirts and even doggie cookies.

There were lots of dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors - plus plenty of LABS!!

Doggies spent all day meeting and greeting!

Making new friends!
All in all the day was a great sucess!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

From Dory's Desk

Hello! As many of you know, I am adopted. I wasn't adopt as a puppy from a breeder, I was adopted through a rescue group. My human mom says I am extra special because they looked long and hard to find me - I was the special angel dog that came along to help Mom feel better after Emily passed away.

I also have to say that as an adopted "rescue" dog I have a pretty great life. Good food, lots of toys, several dog beds, I go on trips and I have a loving family. Let me assure all my furry and human friends - being an "only dog" is GREAT!

What has been on my mind lately is MOM has been looking at other dogs. No, not just reading our doggie friends blogs with me - but actually looking at other dogs on the Labs4Rescue website!! I am worried - does this mean another furry four footed beast will be taking up residence?? Will I have to share my lap of luxury life and home?? Will this new dog eat all my food and nibble all my treats and steal all my toys??

This is all very perplexing. Mom tells me she would like to rescue a "senior" dog that needs a good home. Now I love my "senior" doggie cousins, but that doesn't mean they can move in! I'm going to have to work closely with Mom on this. I like volunteering to help rescue other Labs but I didn't realize it might mean sharing my space with one.

My Mom says this is all in the "thinking" stage, she says she misses the days when she was a two dog house, that of course was in the DBD (Days Before Dory). Back in the day, Mom first had Lucy and Fox, then when Fox passed away she got Emily - I guess now that Lucy and Emily are part of the Daisie Chain her mind has been pondering a second dog.

My Mom says "don't worry" and Dad says "it may be awhile before we actually get another dog" - but in the mean time I am going to start hiding my toys! I am also going to work on a list of both my concerns and the positive things about possibly adopting another dog. Our friends Maggie and Mitch are a great example of a two dog house and Joey and Tanner certainly demonstrate that two can be twice the fun of one. Oh and I suppose Peanut does have Flash and Jasper seems to like Jack.

I'm going to have to give this some thought!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hey! Wake up you sleepyhead!

For the protection of the innocent, the author recommends that this post be considered PG-13!

Hello - Liza here. While we were visiting "Gramma's" house I got the chance to catch Dory on camera to demonstrate how I see her every morning!

There she is every morning, better than any clock, nose to nose with me. She is certainly moister than my regular clock at any rate!

So - our loyal readers and fellow bloggers should consider yourselves TAGGED!

Dory and I would like to know - does your dog wake you up?? Is this daily? How do all our furry friends roust their humans from dreamland?!?!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Nibbling for charity??

Our favorite "doggie charity" - Labs4Rescue will have a booth at the North Attleboro Charity Dog Walk that is being held this Saturday May 5, 2007 from 10 am to 3 pm right at the North Attleboro High School, Massachusetts. Mom and I are very excited because we will be volunteering to man the booth and spread the word about Labs4Rescue and all the wonderful things they do. Mom and I also volunteered to make a "doggie" gift basket to raffle off and raise money to save more Labs!
Mom and I like making the raffle baskets because it is something we get to do together. We buy things for the basket at our favorite pet stores so I can go in and shop too! I also love to supervise all the toys and treats being put into the basket before that yucky plastic covers it all up.
As you can see there are lots of fun things, toys, treats and even two Beenie Babies for the humans. I have to admit all the aromas and toys went straight to my head and I was feeling rather woozy.
Then it happened. I was reeling from all the sensory input when I was caught trying to nibble the Beenie Baby Labrador!! My Mom said she was "NOT AMUSED"!!! If you ask me I can't believe Mom actually caught me on camera!!
Well, needless to say - I learned to vaulable lessons last night.

ONE, volunteering to help those less fortunate can be lots of fun and TWO, never, never, never nibble the toys in the raffle basket!! (Especially if Mom has the camera in her hands!)

If you or you and your human are any where around North Attleboro, Massachusetts on May 5th - stop by the Labs4Resuce booth and say hello! Plus check out the zillion ways you can make a difference in an abandoned dog's life by going to the Labs4Rescue web site!!