Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let's go ridin' in my car, car...

I was reading the Army of Four yesterday and they did a post on what kinda vehicle they would be. Since my human comes from a “car” family – meaning BOTH her father and one of her grandfathers worked for car put together companies (Liza: Dory, that is Auto Manufacturer). SIGH!! Anyhow we thought this would be an excellent subject for us to tackle!!

Now personally when I think of myself and what kind of vehicle might I be, well, my first thoughts turned to this ultra cool American Muscle Car!

Sleek, black, strong and very fast – one might say sexy!!

Then I started giving this idea some MORE thought and I was thinking, hmmm maybe I am more a Jaguar. Faster, sleeker and terribly cool…. Then of course, I thought I am not only sleek, black, fast and cool but I am fabulous, a real classic– so really don’t you think that this Jaguar really says DORY to you?? Hmm? I certainly see it!
Liza here, I hate to break the news to Dory but the image that comes to my mind if I am thinking DORY as a car is more on the sturdy side. I gave it some thought and well Dory is more solid than a Jaguar and definitely slower than a muscle car.

Honestly, I think Dory – I think Sherman Tank! Classic, slow, solid, good at pulling things and sometimes grumbles!! Perfect fit!


The woman, formally known as my MOM is unable to reach the keyboard – all readers should ignore that last comment by this unauthorized writer.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog…..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lolly the Lobster Arrives!

My mom is the bestest human! The postman arrived whilst I was playing with Hedgie, my very bestest toy/friend- Hedgie was a gift from SHERMAN over on Jackman Avenue!! When me and Mom opened the box there was a big SURPRISE!
A Tuffie Lobster just for me!! I am naming him Lolly the Lobster!! Tuffies makes excellent toys for us doggies that loves our toys. (Liza here - Dory, be honest. Tuffies are great for dogs that like to chew their toys to death!) Yeah, whatever Mom...
First I tried Lolly's tail - YUMMMOOOO!
It was so nice - I tasted it twice!!
Then I gave Lolly's middle a squeeze - excellent squeakage in this little fella!!
Hmmm, Gramma likes lobster claws to eat, let's see what all the fuss is about.
Very tasty!
This is Lolly's face - see he is smiling, he must like me.
Now the true test - is Lolly rollworthy?
Yes indeed, an superior "roll with me" toy. FOUR PAWS UP MOM!!!!
Well, that's about all from Boston. As you can see we New Englanders love our lobster - and I LOVE LOLLY! Have a great week, check back soon for a "doggie school" progress report.

Love, Dory

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ahhh, September...

“September days are here, with summers best of weather and autumns best of cheer.”

Okay, that is part of a poem called September, by Helen Hunt Jackson, apparently when mom was a puppy she had to memorize it in school, anyhow I thought it fits the past week here in Massachusetts!

First we had Labrador Day Weekend to start off our September and I was so excited, finally a holiday all about Labradors!! So Labrador Day came and went without much notice – except from my good friend Gussie! I thought there would be cake and presents and parades, but all we did was do what we normally do on the weekends, visit our boat, play on our beach and hang out with my humans. There was no banners proclaiming it Labrador Day, no fuss at all – I was very disappointed. I think for next year I will start a campaign to promote Labrador Day as a celebration! I think there should be lots of fun activities including parades, cake and presents in honor of all of us Labradors who work so hard to take care of and help our humans! So who is with me on this?!?!

Then after Labrador Day my mom said we have to get ready for back to school. Back to School??? I was a graduate!! How come I gotta go back to school. I had to sit Mom down right away and have a talk with her.

First Mom explained that since her job was to help public schools that she would be very busy because all the human puppies around Massachusetts are going back to school. She said she would be busy and tired for the first few weeks of people school but she assured me we would still get to have our “Girls Only Day” on Fridays. Thank DOG for that!

Then Mom told me that I was going back to school just like all the human puppies!! I tried to say how could this be, I was a graduate of New England Dog Training Club! Well when I graduated last Fall I apparently only graduated from Beginners Obedience and now I have to, as Mom says “Further my education…” – what ever THAT means.

So tonight I start my Advanced Obedience Class. Mom says if I graduate from that I get to take a test and become a Canine Good Citizen!! It sounds like a lot of work, but it seems to make my mom happy that we will be going back to school together so I will have to work hard and do my best. Mom says I’m a good girl, but being a good citizen takes practice!

So I have to go pack my school backpack and get ready for class. Keep your paws crossed!

Love, Dory