Saturday, June 30, 2007

A billion questions...

Well here are my billion questions - I am also working on interviewing my human so check back soon.

1. Your age? 4.6 years old

2. Your age when came to live with your people? 3.8 years old (August 4th is my adoption anniversary)

3. What color is the collar you’re wearing right now? My USA collar (I’m getting ready for the 4th of July) It is from Kathleen and WallyCat at Snazzy Petz and I look very patriotic!

4. Who is your favorite person other than the people you live with? Oh dear – just one?? I have two - Gramma and Uncle Harvey.

5. How much do you weigh ? Last visit to the vet – a scale tipping 82 pounds, apparently the more my human loses the more I gain – go figure!!

6. Most expensive thing you’ve ever chewed up? Six lamb chops

7. Do you like other Dogs? Yes indeedy!

8. Who is your best non-human friend?
My best doggie friend is my cousin Mollie AND my favorite stuffie is Petunia my stuffed skunk toy.

9. Squeaky Toys or Tennis Balls? ANY THING SQUEAKY!

10. Do you like to be brushed? Oh my stars – NOOOOOOO.

11. Peanut Butter or Cheese? Both on top of a burger

12. Do your people cut your toenails? *Sigh* Not anymore they don’t. I coulda lost a toe the other day.

13. Any formal education? Yep I graduated from the New England Dog Club Beginning Obedience Class, have taken my DAT’s (Dog Aptitude Test) and hope to get into Harvard like my Mom.

14. Couch potato or Energizer Bunny? A couch bunny – enough said!

15. Five nicknames your people call you? Dor, Stinky, GirlyGirl, Chow Hound, Tubby, Sneaky Snake, Kissy Face (oops that’s seven – oh well)

16. What is your best trick? I can make Lamb Chops disappear in the blink of an eye.

17. Do you like kitties? HMMM, I know how to track the intrepid cat but my humans won’t let me near them.

18. What did you have for breakfast? A tiny piece of Mom’s mini bagel.

19. Can you hunt (aka have you ever killed anything living)? Not that I can remember – but if Uncle Harvey would open the gate for me I’m sure I could get a squirrel.

20. When & why was the last time you went to the V.E.T.? 1 week ago for more ear medicine.

21. Where do you sleep at night? In my very own chair in the bedroom, unless Dad isn’t around and in that case I sometimes sleep on the people bed with my mom.

22. Do you like to swim? Yep, but only in the ocean with Mom.

23. Can you make puppies? No alas I cannot.

24. Do you give kisses? Yes, my mom says I am an indescriminate kissy face.

25. Can you potty on command? Kinda, I go out and as long as I have the appropriate amount of sniffing time I am good to go!

26. To Cuz or not to Cuz? CUZ, I have a couple of CUZ toys. I LOVE MY CUZ!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Gussie was ahead by a nose but has slipped into third place in this months DWB Awesome Blog vote. OHHH NOOOOOOOO.....

Not since we had dangling chads in Florida has a race been so close!! Every vote counts, so all you DWB pups and hamsterriers need to get on over and vote, vote, vote!

Gus is on the go and great at blogging - please vote On the Go With Gus all the way to the White House!!! GUS FOR PRESIDENT...

Okay, I got a little ahead of myself - please consider your vote and vote for Gus! Thanks!

Monday, June 25, 2007

99.44/100 PURE

Well, among other things this weekend my human decided to clip my toe nails when an INCIDENT happened. She was clipping and I was trying to get away and then pain shot up my toes. I was bleeding - let me assure you it wasn't a pretty sight.

Why can't my human just paint my toes like Sophie's human aunts - look how pretty and I am sure there is never an ugly scene!!
We were home alone as Dad was working and needless to say Mom went into panic mode. I leaped away from Mom and started scurrying all over the house so she couldn't lop off any more toes. (Liza: I DID NOT lop off a toe!) After a few minutes of chasing she finally caught me, my severed toe left blood everywhere - the house looked like the beach at Normandy on D-Day.

Mom then called poor Dad at work, he said since we didn't have a styptic pen to rub a bar of soap on the gaping wound. (Liza: It was not a gaping wound!) Well she go out a new bar of ivory soap and began rubbing - nothing stopped, I feared amputation was the next step. (Liza: NO amputation was not the next step!)
So then the human called the vet and they told her to dip my toe in flour or cornstarch and call back if it didn't work. Thank DOG it did work, but then Mom proceeded to wrap my paw in gauze and tape - what was she NUTS!

Needless to say I went to work immediately to chew my paw to freedom! (Liza: I was trying to keep the wound clean and the house a little less bloody!) I also decided to chew up and eat that silly old soap just to show my human who is boss around here. It didn't taste very good but it was fun watching Mom scurry around the house looking for it!! (Liza: I can't believe she ate SOAP - YUCK! I expected her to start burping bubbles like the dog on the Little Rascals!)

My mom has taken an oath to seek professional assistance from this day forward when it comes to my nails. If you see a human with something that looks like this in their hands - RUN!!!

(Liza: OKAY - I was mortified when I clipped her nail enough to make it bleed. I promise to have the vet or the Laundromutt clip her nails from this day forward. Dory is fine now - the toe incident and soap eating haven't seem to phase her in the least!! That dog has a cast iron stomach - all I found were a few shards of soap in the den!!)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Something completely different...

You have heard me talk about my Uncle Harvey - he isn't really our uncle, but the way Mom explains it sometimes you can know a special person your whole life so they really are pretty much family. Uncle Harvey and his wife were friends with my Mom's parents before my mom was even born. Here is a picture of me with Uncle Harvey at Christmas. He loves doggies and loves to pet you and gives great belly rubs.

Anyhow - I discussed it with Mom and we are doing a non-dog post tonight. During the last two visits to Gramma's my Mom has been taking lessons from Uncle Harvey on how to make stained glass. She is learning to cut, shaped and solder, she has done two projects and learning alot. This is the first piece she made.

Well learning to make stained glass has been fun and Uncle Harvey's stained glass pieces are so lovely we thought we would like to share with all our readers and friends. You can watch the slide show here or check out the photos using the Webshots link over on the left column.

Wishing all my doggie and human pals a great weekend - Dory

Harvey’s Stained Glass

Thursday, June 21, 2007

DWB Business Today!

Okay - it has to be all business today! My typist said today's post had to be succinct today because she has lots of work to do. I have no idea what succinct means, but I will do my best to be all work and no play. :(

FIRST: All you DogsWithBloggers!! I believe voting will begin soon for the June Awesome Blog Award and I nominated On the Go With Gus. I say VOTE GUSSIE!!!

Now please I want everyone know that I love Ruby (she is such a fashionable girl), Tadpole always makes me and my human smile, Steve Kat and Wilbur are a fun group and Verdi is the cutest dog in Spain - but we love Gussie's blog. Gus looks great in a bow tie and writes some of the cutest lyrics to tunes we love. So if you are a DWB undecided voter - just say GO GUS!

Now, my second bit of business to let all the DWB folks know I have a TV channel on DWB-TV. Since my Mom has dabbled in video lately we thought it would be fun to join the folks like Pappy, Joe and all the rest and create a channel for our videos.

We call it "LabraDory TV" , with a big shout out to Wally who gave us the idea by calling me Dory Labradory.

So, my typist has told me we are out of time - check back soon for more news and hi-jinks!!

Love, Dory

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back and busy...

Okay - Mom says if you want to play, you have to pay. I have been working my canine brain overtime to figure out what that means, but honestly I have no idea. I suppose it might mean that since we had free time and Mom didn't go to work, now she has to work alot to catch up with all the work she didn't do while we were away. Okay I am confused - how about you.

My humans use so many funny words and terms that confuse the heck out of me.

Anyhow, since Mom is busy she told me that we could post my other short video clips. They are kind of grainy and I've told Mom over and over not to chat people's ears off while shooting video - but we are both new at all this technology and have a lot of lessons to learn. We used this old funny video camera my human had, it's called a Mustek DV4000, not exactly high tech but the video is kinda fun.

You will notice in the first video that I am trying to tell my human that I want to go in and get a drink of water - but for some reason she just wouldn't listen.

The second shorter clip in when I bounded into the trees at Gramma's house - tracking down the elusive SQUIRREL! Uncle Harvey has given me the specific duty of chasing away all those pesky squirrels and chimunks that eat all the birdy food. I think Uncle Harvey needs a "Twirl a Squirrel" to cover when I'm not there - we saw the video for that posted over on Pappy's blog awhile back.

Oh and Ruby and Boo asked about Gramma's house - yes, Mollie was camera shy, but she did wander back in eventually. Gramma has a really big yard for us to ramble in. And as for the sliding door - Gramma opened it from the inside. I've talked to Zach (who is really smart Labrador) but he said he can't get it open without a human to help.

Anyhow, we are home to stay for awhile. Both my humans and I are eagerly awaiting the 4th of July. My humans have the whole week off and lots of time on the water planned!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggity jog...

Okay, we didn't exactly jiggity jog, we drove but you get the picture. We had a great weekend at Gramma's house. The weather was nice and we all got to relax and hang out. Mom spent time with Uncle Harvey and learned more about how to make stained glass and I got to roam around with my pals Mollie and Zachary.

Mom made a little video - it's rough because she is still learning but you get to see me and my friends! Love ya - Dory

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just call me Little Red Riding Hood...

Well dress me in red and call me Little Red Riding Hood!! We are going to Gramma's for a long weekend.

Monday June 18th in the greater Boston area is a holiday called Bunker Hill Day and Mom has the day off! Mom, being the brilliant human she is also took tomorrow (Friday) off too and we leave for GRAMMA'S HOUSE this afternoon when Mom gets home from work!!

Three whole days with my pals Mollie and Zach, running around in the country air, getting lots of petting from Gramma, chasing those pesky squirrels for Uncle Harvey - SOMEBODY PINCH ME, I MUST BE DREAMING!!

Well - I made sure to pack the camera and I logged on to and saw that we have great weather for our whole mini-vacation! Woo Hoo.

I hope all my doggie pals and their humans have a fantabulous weekend too!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Psst don't tell Mom....

Hi. Dory here and today's special guest typist is Dad. We were all so excited when the weather cleared out on Sunday and we could go fishing. The best part is that Mom caught the very first fish of striper season!! Go Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She didn't want anyone to see her photo, but Dad I thought she looked just fine and we are proud of her. The fish wasn't a keeper - 26 inches long and just over six pounds - so he went back in the ocean.

Some once asked if we eat the fish and all I can say is - the humans do. We catch mostly Atlantic Striped Sea Bass and it is great on the grill. Once in a while I get a taste from Dad, but this is definitely people food. We just have to be sure that the fish are 28 inches or bigger and we can only catch to per human - which seems a little bit unfair, dogs can be anglers too. I could retrieve a fish if they would just let me.

Oh and dogs don't let your humans go out in the sun without sunscreen. Mom applied, but neglected to "re"apply and now she is a little overly pink!

Anyhow, thanks to Dad for the help and I hope everyone has a great week ahead!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Friday in the Dog Park with Liza

Friday is the day where Mom and I get to hang out - just us girls. Since spring has sprung (and hopefully summer isn't too far behind) we have been going up to Salem. First stop is the dog park! It's called Leslie's Retreat Park, I think it is a historical reference from the US Revolutionary War, I'll have to get my human on learning about that so we will know for sure.

So yesterday we met a few nice doggies, one is the black mix and his name is Rex. He is lots of fun to wrestle and run around with. Mom was a little annoyed because we rolled in the dirt and my collar got dirty - but later she realized she could just throw it in the wash and all was forgiven.

THEN - along came this big scary thing - he was bigger than any dog I've ever seen! Actually, he looked more like a MOUNTAIN! Mom says he is a Great Dane and sure enough he was lots of fun too, very gental and very fast with those long legs. We didn't catch his name, but his human told us he was a baby, just a year old. Do ya think he will get bigger??? YIKES.

After the dog park we scooted over to Winter Island where our boat lives in the summer. I have no idea why it is called an island, because it really isn't - humans - go figure. We didn't go out on the boat cause Dad was working, but we did play on the rocky beach.

We had a great Friday, unfortunately today was too rainy and blowy to go fishing so Mom is cleaning the house and during her lunch break has been helping me blog. We are also hoping Maggie, Mitch and their humans are having better weather than us over there in Connecticut! Ah well, my human has to dust and I have a bully stick to work on! Have a happy day!

Oh and Mom tried out the video option on her camera - she's no Scorsese but she trys real hard. Maybe Dad will get the hint and buy her a video camera. Here is our "First Try"

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy 100!

Hello - Liza here. Dory had a particularly long afternoon up at the local park today and is currently napping, if snoring and in deep sleep can be called a nap that is.

I am proud to report that this is our 100th post. I love to talk and write but I never thought I could get to 100 posts on a blog. To get to 100 posts we struggled with blogger, photos, "so how do you add a link", "why are my paragraphs all smashed together" to my bad spelling challenges to actual writers block. Poor Dory has endured endless photos, crazy cajoling, strange cooking concoctions and odd locations all in an effort to create a "something for everydog blog".

100 posts for some may only be a small accomplishment but for Dory and I it is huge and I have to thank a very special creature. She is my furry, treat loving teacher, four footed child, my best canine friend, co-author, co-pilot, companion in capers, Dory. Just one year ago on May 29, 2006 my Emily passed quietly from life and in an effort to heal a gaping wound to my heart I began the search for my next dog. I took the nontraditional road and wound up adopting Dory, a southern born, rescued Lab who was long on kisses and tail wags.

Since that sticky hot day August 4, 2006 when I picked her up at the Labs4Rescue transport stop in New Hampshire it has been a truly great journey with Dor. We have passed through the chaos of those first few days - Dory confused and anxious - to Dory and I becoming a team in obedience class - to Chris and I being a family with Dory at the heart of it.

Someone after meeting Dor said she has a kind eye and a sweet spirit and truly she does. She loves to cuddle, works hard to please and has no shame in the occasional naughty acts she commits. She is a friend to everyone, from the noisy kids on the block to the cute little lap dogs she meets at the Laundromutt.

We started the blog just to keep friends and family in the loop with news and adventures, we had no idea we would become part of an online community so nice and so supportive as Dogs With Blogs have been. We have "met" dogs and their humans from all over the US and the World!! We have consoled and commiserated with those who have lost a beloved dog, celebrated accomplishments and milestones with others doggie pals and enjoyed receiving dozens and dozens of Christmas cards from just about everywhere and every type of canine!

I can't say what the future holds, hopefully lots and lots of happy days and funny blog posts. Thanks to everyone who as stopped by to spend part of their day reading about our adventures. We appreciate you time and your comments more than works can express.

Happy 100th post to us all!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fun News...

Well the nice folks over at designated our blog as "Cool Site of the Day" We are very excited and it also means that in July people can vote us Cool Site of the Month.

A fellow DWB doggie Bailey, a cutie Maltese, was a "Cool Site of the Day" in April and was voted Cool Site of the Month for April this year - way to go Bailey!!
We hope that any new visitors really enjoy our blog today!!!
Oh and if you like to cook, my human has a second blog started call From the Card Box - a site she is just starting full of tasty family recipes - she even has a For the Pup category! Have a happy day...
OH NOOOO: Here is my human's recipe blog (Thanks Marvin- I totally thought we put the link in)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wild Kingdom

This is our friend Flori - she lives in England, but Flori and her human are German! We visit Flori's blog often and enjoy all the great photos she posts. So in honor of Flori today's post will be in English and in German!

Dieses ist unser Freund Flori - sie wohnt in England, aber Flori und ihr Mensch sind deutsch! Wir besuchen blog Floris häufig und genießen alle großen Fotos, die sie bekanntgibt. So zu Ehren Flori ist heutiger Pfosten auf englisch und auf Deutsch!

Just think of this as a little world peace activity. And please if you speak German please know we are doing our best and getting help when we can. The idea for this post started when Flori posted some picture of baby hedgehogs - they were very cute!

An dieses als wenig Weltfriedenstätigkeit einfach denken. Und, wenn du Deutsches bitte, bitte sprichst wissen, daß wir unsere beste und erhaltene Hilfe tun, wenn wir können. Die Idee für diesen Pfosten begann, als Flori irgendeine Abbildung von Baby hedgehogs bekanntgab - sie waren sehr nett!

This is a hedgehog and they are native to Europe. They don't live here in the United States except as imported pets or in zoos. Anyhow, someone left a comment on Flori's blog asking if a hedgehog is like a porcupine. Flori did not know about porcupines, so I left a comment saying a porcupine was about the same size as a racoon.

Dieses ist ein hedgehog und sie sind zu Europa gebürtig. Sie leben nicht hier in den Vereinigten Staaten ausgenommen als importierte Haustiere oder in den Zoos. Irgendwie ließ jemand eine Anmerkung auf blog Floris fragend, ob ein hedgehog wie ein Stachelschwein ist. Flori kannte nicht in Stachelschweinen aus, also war ich nach links eine Anmerkung, die ein pocupine sagt, ungefähr gleiche Größe als Raccoon.

Here is a picture of a porcupine. They come in many varieties and live in different places including the United States. The ones here in our country are about the size of a small terrier and throw their needles when the are scared. You want to stay away from porcupines because those needles really hurt it they get stuck in you.

Ist hier eine Abbildung eines Stachelschweins. Sie kommen in viel Vielzahl und leben in den unterschiedlichen Plätzen einschließlich die Vereinigten Staaten. Die hier in unserem Land sind über die Größe von einem kleinen terrier und werfen ihre Nadeln, wenn erschrocken werden. Du möchtest weg von den Stachelschweinen bleiben, weil jene Nadeln sie wirklich verletzen, daß sie in dir gehaftet erhalten.

Well after telling Flori that a porcupine was about the size of a raccoon, I realized that Flori does not have these animals in her country - so a blog idea was born. The animal above is a raccoon, they vary in size somewhere between a large cat and a small dog. They spend most of their time tipping over garbage cans and stealing food. Flori asked if we could send her a porcupine and raccoon by Royal Post, but somehow we think the postman would be really mad if we did that!

Gut nachdem ich Flori erklärt hatte, daß ein Stachelschwein über die Größe eines Raccoon war, stellte ich fest, daß Flori nicht diese Tiere in ihrem Land hat - also wurde eine blog Idee getragen. Das Tier oben ist ein Raccoon, schwanken sie in Größe irgendwo zwischen eine große Katze und einen kleinen Hund. Sie verbringen die meisten ihrer Zeit, die überabfalldosen spitzt und Nahrung stiehlt. Flori fragte, ob wir ihr ein Stachelschwein und einen Raccoon durch königliche Post schicken könnten, aber irgendwie denken wir, daß der Briefträger wirklich wütend sein würde, wenn wir das taten!

So we hope that this blog was fun for Flori to read. If you get a chance try visiting some of our DWB friends who speak other languages, many of them have translation links. If you come across one you can not translate, just remember a picture is worth a thousand words, especially since we all love our dogs!

So hoffen wir, daß dieses blog Spaß war, damit Flori liest. Wenn du einen zufälligen Versuch einige unserer DWB Freunde besuchend erhältst, die andere Sprachen sprechen, haben viele von ihnen übersetzung Verbindungen. Wenn du auf ein zufällig stößt, kannst du nicht übersetzen, dich erinnerst gerade, daß eine Abbildung tausend Wörter wert ist, besonders da alle wir unsere Hunde lieben!

By the way Dory translated literally into German is Ruderboot - Very funny!

Übrigens ist Dory, das buchstäblich in Deutschen übersetzt wird, das Ruderboot - sehr lustig!

Foggy Skies and Stormy Seas

Hi there!
Dory able bodied sea canine reporting for duty - well kind of.

As you can see here - we had another weekend of ICKY weather!!

I have to give my human dad his props - he tried to have us enjoy some boating. But alas, the fog was just too much and it wasn't safe for us to go out.

Mom and Dad said they haven't see such a wet dismal springtime in years.

We didn't go out boating, but my folks cuddled and played with me. I got to have some homemade frosty paws, we watched movies and Dad got Mom a new fishing reel on line. (no pun intended)

I hope all my doggie readers keep their paws crossed for nice weather in New England next weekend - I wanna go fishing!!!