Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Visiting 101

Okay, I demand equal time here - my Mom has been hogging up the computer and being all misty and thoughtful.

I have to admit I was worried when she loaded me into the car last Friday, I mean she had been packing and tidying for a few days, so I knew something was up. I also have to admit that I was just a bit worried that I was going to a new home to be left at. I mean we were in the car for a long time, Mom brought toys and treats and I didn't have a lot of experience with "weekends away".

I liked Gramma's house and I made some new friends, Mom called them my doggy cousins. All I know is the short fat girl was fun to play with, that boy was a little too attentive and wow, the old Golden that Mom calls Lucy can really lay down the law.

I was romping in the house with Tubby, er a well I guess her name is Mollie - anyhow we were having a grand old time dashing around the house when Lucy let out a mighty "STOP ROUGH HOUSING" WOOOOFFFFF!

Yep, they were good canines and the people weren't bad either. Gramma had good doggie cookies and Uncle Harvey just loved to pet me and call me a "nice lady dog"! He snuck me some table scraps, that really made my day - just don't let Mom know.

Mom and I got to hang out, watch football (I was surprised Gramma shouts and sings that "Hail to the Victors" song too - it must be a family thing) and best of all we slept in.
All in all I wish I had understood visiting before we actually went on a visit - but I am very excited about visiting more people and going back to Gramma's house too!! Confidentially, Mollie said Thanksgiving and Christmas are doggie holidays where you can have all the treats you can steal...very, very cool.


T-man said...

I love going to my Grandma's house too. That's the best place to get extra treats!!

Joan said...


Dory is gorgeous! What a gift to both of you that you've made a home together.

Did you know we actually considered "Dory" (for Labrador) as a name for our new little Kenya, as well as "Robi" for Nairobi. But Kenya it is.

Hey, I'm not surprise at all that your blog has morphed into a record of your life with and lessons learned from Dory. Labs have a tendency to be great teachers (of the their humans).

Enjoy Dory! She's a gift (every bit as much as you are a gift to her).

Joan (from Lab Tails)

P.S. Can I add you to my blog roll?