Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Charity - it's a good thing!

Today's blog is by Dory Blue Young

My mom was tired after a long hard day at work, so I decided to take over blogging duty today. My ears sure hurt, but my doggie toes are fine so I thought I’d get writing.

After going to the puppy doctor the other day Mom and I went shopping and I got to go in the store with her!!! It was very exciting. There were smells and things that before now were only in my dreams. Mom said we were here to find just the right things for a gift basket. Now, I have no idea what a gift basket is but I definitely want one of my own!

We got doggie treats, a leash that stretches out, pretty collars, doggie bandanas, rope toys, bobble head labs and SQUEEKY TOYS! Boy oh boy, I monitored Mom closely just in case she wanted to share the gift basket with me – but no such luck.

Mom said the gift basket was going off to Connecticut to be raffled so other Labbies like me can be rescued and find new homes. I hope this raffle helps lots of Labs like me, because I have two special rescue angels Auntie Cindy and her friend Edee, a great mom, a really nice family and super new friends. I get to go on boat rides, learn new things at school, snuggle with my humans, write a web blog and there is always good food and treats every day. My wish is that all my furry friends could be so lucky.

Here I am with our final product - I was in charge of quality control.

So if you are near Hartford, Connecticut, please go to the dog expo there this weekend (10/28 & 29) and find the Labs4Rescue booth. They have a great basket full of nice doggy stuff that you can win and when you win - lots of homeless Labs win too.

Good night! WOOF!!!!

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Marvin The Dog said...

Hiya Dory! You have a grrrrrreat looking Blog here, just called by for a sniff around. Paw It Forward! Love and licks from Marvin The Scotsman Dog and Poet x