Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dory the Distracted

Dory and I have good nights at Obedience Class and then we have not so good nights. Last Thursday was a not so good night.

I piled Dory in the car and headed off to class with a slight detour to Dunkin Donuts for some iced coffee. Dory was in the back and somehow spied a seagull walking across the parking lot as we were going through the drive-thru. Honestly she lost her mind – she yowled and whined and hopped and woofed.

She wanted that seagull. Who knew?!

When we finally got over to the armory for class it was pretty clear that Dory had checked out for the evening, she was distracted, disobedient and unruly. I tried to bring her back to reality but there was no hope. By the end of class I was exhausted,limping and embarrassed.

Chris says I’m doing great with Dory and shouldn’t be so hard her or myself. I never thought of myself as competitive but I guess in some small way I am. When I was young (and surefooted) training was never an issue, but then again I was training a puppy I’d known from birth.

All I can say is we need more practice. Practice, practice, practice.

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