Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ears, glorious ears!!

I suspect that Dory has some sort of ear issue. She has been shaking and scratching at her right ear for all she is worth and over the weekend I decided to get some ear cleanser and cotton balls to see if I could help the situation.

It was just a simple act of caring and I never thought that Dory would mind. Boy, was I wrong.

My normally happy, loving, cuddle bug of a dog squirmed and whimpered her way through the cleaning and when I was done she high tailed it to her crate. I took one look at the gunk on the cotton balls and knew all was not well.

After the cleaning materials were all put away I tried to make amends with my girl and to my surprise she wouldn’t even look at me. I called, I begged, I bribed – but all I got was a cold shoulder and a nasty sideways glance.

I was heartbroken, all I was trying to do was trying to make her ears feel better and all of a sudden I was a pariah in my own home. Chris got a good chuckle out of this but I was devastated. The indignant behavior lasted for several hours. Who knew Dory would react to ear cleaning so badly!?

The next day, Sunday, I thought I should treat her ears again and yet again I was put on auto-ignore!

Well, clearly Dory has something amiss in her right ear – but I’ve made a vet appointment for Friday. I’ll let her be mad at Dr. Bergstrom and not me for a change. Hopefully it is nothing too serious and I have certainly learned my lesson!

Here is Dory seeking consolation from Chris - Next time he cleans her ears!!


MJ's doghouse said...

Poor Dory..you have every right to be angry..i hate it when my mom and dad pick at me too...and this week they have been goign overboard...thank god for treats...and even though i hate the rain i cant wait for all the gunky allergy inducing stuff is gone for the winter...

Marvin The Dog said...

aw! You look so sad here too! Marvin x