Monday, October 23, 2006

Malassezia pachydermatis

Just the name sounds creepy!

On Friday after Dory’s apple crisp feast downfall and beginning obedience class triumph we had a vet appointment to see what was up with the divine Miss D’s ears. Sadly to say, the news wasn’t good.

Dory has a yeast infection in both ears, the right ear is worse than the left. The doctor flushed both ears and said that her little ear canals were so sore and so full of gunk that it was impossible to see if the right eardrum was perforated, but she had a suspicion that it was.

Needless to say we left with drops, pills and for some odd reason a picture of the yeast from the swab slide. I know technology is great and there are some fun applications, but having a printed copy of the yeast laden slide image is not really something I need to see!

Dory has begun to understand that she doesn’t need to put me on auto-ignore for hours after giving her a pill or putting drops in her ear – I’m hoping at least in some small way she understands I am only trying to help her feel better. My only worry now is that she will scratch her ears and make them worse or worse yet she will hit her ear while shaking her head and wind up with a hematoma (SP)! If she thinks drops are bad wait till she sees a cone collar!!!

All we can do is wait and see. Any time a young baby or animal is sick or hurt it just kills me. They have no way to tell you how bad it is and you really can’t explain to them that it won’t be forever and all the stuff you are doing to them is to help not hurt.

So for now we need to keep our collective fingers crossed and hope this yeast ear infection responds to medication!

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Marvin The Dog said...

this is a lovely picture of Dory!