Thursday, October 12, 2006

If it's Thursday, it must be obedience class...

I am please and proud to report we had a very good dog obedience class tonight!!! The trick is to give Dory down time before the class and drive right to the class - no pit stops.

Marjie the training leader says that Dory is doing an awesome job and just needs more practice and socialization. We aren't really sure why, but once she sees a small dog - that is all she can focus on. So this week is practice on our basics so we can shine next week at our final class. I think we will sign up for advance beginners - the dog club folks are very nice at it is good for Dory to socialize and for me to be up and moving on my new knee.

Dory is in deep sleep and after a shower to wash off the doggie treat grunge I'm headed to bed too!!

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