Monday, October 30, 2006

Dory, Dory Pumpkin Eater...

There I was just carving a pumpkin when I felt this furry being under my feet. It was Dory and my mission on Sunday was to carve a pumpkin for the contest at Chris's office. Silly I know, but it was a fun way to waste a windy and cool Sunday. Of course when I realize Dory was eating the few pumpkin seeds that had fallen off the table I went into panic mode.

Would she get sick, are pumkin seeds toxic to dogs, the list that raced through my mind was endless. After washing the goo off my hands, I raced to GOOGLE and checked - apparently pumpkin seeds are harmless and may even deter dogs with coprophagia to not eat their own feces. Dory (thankfully) doesn't do that - but at least there was an upside to what I feared would harm her.

Of cource after this evening I realize Dory will eat anything. Since Chris wasn't around and I had no desire to cook for just me, I though Chinese take out would be a tasty treat.

Dory begged and pleaded and finally I relented and gave her a taste, and apparently Dory loves Chinese food. She liked the egg roll tidbit and even the hot peanut/sesame sauce coated dumpling was just fine by her.

Every day Dory makes me laugh, surprises me in big and small ways and is always up for cuddling. I'm relieved the pumpkin seeds won't bother her and glad to have a friend to share some take out with.

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