Saturday, June 09, 2007

Friday in the Dog Park with Liza

Friday is the day where Mom and I get to hang out - just us girls. Since spring has sprung (and hopefully summer isn't too far behind) we have been going up to Salem. First stop is the dog park! It's called Leslie's Retreat Park, I think it is a historical reference from the US Revolutionary War, I'll have to get my human on learning about that so we will know for sure.

So yesterday we met a few nice doggies, one is the black mix and his name is Rex. He is lots of fun to wrestle and run around with. Mom was a little annoyed because we rolled in the dirt and my collar got dirty - but later she realized she could just throw it in the wash and all was forgiven.

THEN - along came this big scary thing - he was bigger than any dog I've ever seen! Actually, he looked more like a MOUNTAIN! Mom says he is a Great Dane and sure enough he was lots of fun too, very gental and very fast with those long legs. We didn't catch his name, but his human told us he was a baby, just a year old. Do ya think he will get bigger??? YIKES.

After the dog park we scooted over to Winter Island where our boat lives in the summer. I have no idea why it is called an island, because it really isn't - humans - go figure. We didn't go out on the boat cause Dad was working, but we did play on the rocky beach.

We had a great Friday, unfortunately today was too rainy and blowy to go fishing so Mom is cleaning the house and during her lunch break has been helping me blog. We are also hoping Maggie, Mitch and their humans are having better weather than us over there in Connecticut! Ah well, my human has to dust and I have a bully stick to work on! Have a happy day!

Oh and Mom tried out the video option on her camera - she's no Scorsese but she trys real hard. Maybe Dad will get the hint and buy her a video camera. Here is our "First Try"


Kerrio said...

Fabulous photos - looks like you had a really good day!

The New England coastline is un-matchable! (as is Dory - and has for that Dane - Ooooo)

Snogs from the dogs


Lorenza said...

Glad you had fun at the park. That Great Dane looks like a giant!
So bad it was rainy and no fishing for you!
First try... it wasn't bad!
Have a nice weekend

Peanut said...

Oh how fun. I really wish there was a dog park by us.

wally said...

We have those horse looking things at our park. They come in a big pack on Sundays! I like to chase them. Seriously, the bigger, the more fun they are to boss!


Sparky said...

Dory, I wished I lived that close to the water...did you get your paws wet?

I also have to tell you - you have a nice dog park...mine is just a closed off tennis court. No trees or grass. It sucks.

Joe Stains said...

what pretty pictures! the video was cool too. I cant believe how big that dog is!

Charlie said...

Great video! Mom does all my videos on her little old Canon camera - very convenient!
- Charlie

Ruby Bleu said...

That looked like a fun day Dory...that doggie was HUGE!!! Glad he was gentle...wouldn't want you to get hurt or anything!!!

Have a great rest of weekend.

Lots of Licks, Rubyqptpalw

Maggie said...

Mom saw Jessie, her nephew's Great Dane yesterday while she was over there getting her hair and make-up done for the wedding. Jessie is HUGE she says - like having a horse living in your house!
Our weather was just okay Dory - nothing spectacular, but it worked out okay for us! Thank you for thinking of us!

Love ya lots,

flori said...

I am glad you had a lovely day out with your family!
And thanks so much for signing my guestbook...

Wet licks from Flori

Gus said...

Looks like a wonderful day. Hope your weather has improved and you have a great sunday too!

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh Dory, it looks really fun at the dog park...are you going again next week??