Thursday, June 21, 2007

DWB Business Today!

Okay - it has to be all business today! My typist said today's post had to be succinct today because she has lots of work to do. I have no idea what succinct means, but I will do my best to be all work and no play. :(

FIRST: All you DogsWithBloggers!! I believe voting will begin soon for the June Awesome Blog Award and I nominated On the Go With Gus. I say VOTE GUSSIE!!!

Now please I want everyone know that I love Ruby (she is such a fashionable girl), Tadpole always makes me and my human smile, Steve Kat and Wilbur are a fun group and Verdi is the cutest dog in Spain - but we love Gussie's blog. Gus looks great in a bow tie and writes some of the cutest lyrics to tunes we love. So if you are a DWB undecided voter - just say GO GUS!

Now, my second bit of business to let all the DWB folks know I have a TV channel on DWB-TV. Since my Mom has dabbled in video lately we thought it would be fun to join the folks like Pappy, Joe and all the rest and create a channel for our videos.

We call it "LabraDory TV" , with a big shout out to Wally who gave us the idea by calling me Dory Labradory.

So, my typist has told me we are out of time - check back soon for more news and hi-jinks!!

Love, Dory


wally said...

I love Gus, too! It's a tough month. Hey, I'm nominated for picture of the month (hint, hint!)

I didn't know I came up with LabraDory! Ha! A genius who has forgotten he is one...


Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Dory...
I just visited Gus's blog for the first time...I can see why you are such a fan. It will be a tough month for voting, won't it?

Also - I think LabraDory TV is going to be my most favoritest channel on DW-TV!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Peanut said...

Voting this month is going to be so hard. I will have to check out your tv channel

PiratesGrrl said...

Ooh - going to check out all the nominations! We love the tv channel name!

The Brat Pack

Maggie said...

Great name for your TV channel Dory!
It is going to be a tough month for voting!

Love ya lots,

Gus said...

Hi Dory...Thanks for the nomination, we will do our best to make you and your mom proud.

We went and watched the video, and my favorite is the kitty one.

have a good weekend

Joe Stains said...

thank you for all this good info, we will be heading over to the DWB site!