Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Peanut, Peanut Brittle

Day 5 of Postapalooza to Christmas!!

My human and I made Peanut Brittle last night. Apparently each Christmas humans enjoy this treat and my Mom makes it from scratch the old fashioned way. First you have to get raw, blanched peanuts!
The you find a marble slab, clear off your knick knacks and make it all slippery with butter!
You then enlist your trusty helper - Dory the Lab - to assist in all things cooking related.
You take corn syrup, sugar and water and boil it until it gets very, VERY HOT!

Then you make sure all the tools and pullers have butter all over them...
As you can see my assistance in reading the recipe is a key factor to success in this process!
I also tried to do some quality control, but my mom said, "NO LICKING!", she is totally no fun.
Then you mix the peanuts with the sugary stuff and boil some more until it gets SUPER HOT!!!
Then once the whole thing get tremendously hot and brown you pour it out on the marble...
And use tongs and stuff to pull it all out to the edges.
When it cools it really is "BRITTLE" and the human breaks it into small pieces.
Then later on it gets put into containers so people can get the peanut brittle as gifts.
It was a lot of work, but with my able assistance Mom was able to complete the task. If you would like the recipe click here, FROM THE CARD BOX and check out my humans recipe blog under "candy".

Whew - only 20 more posts until


Amber-Mae said...

Oh wooow, that's ooo cool! Hmmm, Peanut Brittle...Sounds interesting to me! Looks sooo much like crunchy peanut butter. Is there a reason why it has to be put on marble to cool off? My mom is curious to know. I bet they taste just as good as peanut butter or maybe better!

Lenny said...

We are enjoying your blogapalooza!

Your friend, Lenny

Maggie & Mitch said...

Boy, does that ever look good! Mom does own a candy thermometer, so we may just have to give that a try! Thanks, Dory!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Peanut said...

Oh geez my dad loves peanut brittle but mom has never made it. She doesn't have a marble slab though.

The Brat Pack said...

Oooooh, that looks so good. Mom is going to try the recipe from the card box but has to find a marble slab. Hmmm.


Lady Kaos said...

Mom made some peanut brittle over the weekend, too! She also made suckers. This weekend is more peanut brittle and COOKIES!! I also get to help Mom. If it wasn't for me, the kitchen would look like a tornado went through it. She's such a slob!
I'm sure you'll do fine with the next 20 posts. You and your Mom are so creative!
Your Sorta Sis

Maddie & Frankie said...

Pawsome looking Peanut
brittle! Dory you look like one of the bestest Labbie assistance helpers I have ever seen!
we got your card in da mail yesterday! Thanks....

Maddie the Chocolate Labbie

Sparky said...

Wow, that looks so yummy! Mmmmm... You have no idea how hungry I am now. I'm gonna have to get Lizzy to make this for me!


Agatha and Archie said...

Yummy! Good thing you were there to help or she never would have finished! Love A+A

Charlie said...

That looks like fun! Dory is such a good helper.
- Charlie

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dory
Thanks for sharing the recipe! My mom loves peanut brittle!
Problem is, we don't have a marble slab. I think she has to be creative!
Have a good night sweet helper!

Ruby Bleu said...

Wow...that looks yummy. I wonder if there is a doggie version somewhere??? Mom said all that sugar would be bad for me...hmmm....

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Joe Stains said...

that is so so cool a bubbly mess of goo turns into delicious peanut brittle!