Tuesday, December 11, 2007


My friend Lenny asked me how old I will be on my Bark Day this Friday and I will be five years old. Humans go to Kindergarten (human school) when they are five; at least that is what my Mom said. For a dog five is more like being 35 years old in human terms, so I am just hitting my prime!

My friends (even though they were supporting the dreaded Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday) Maggie and Mitch tagged me the other day and said I had to list seven things that annoy me. In an effort to be nicer to my human (and hopefully have her make me more cookies) I am letting her list her seven annoyances too. I’m kind of worried because she said they were PET PEEVES – I don’t know what that means but I hope it’s not contagious.


I hate when Mom says in a loud voice, “Dory I have my eye on you.”! She says this even when she is in another room and I know she can’t see me. You don’t think she has surveillance cameras in the house do you??? YIKES!

I hate HEALTH CARE, this includes the weekly nail clipping, teeth brushing, ear washing that goes on every Sunday at our house – YECK!

I don’t like the Vet Office, they are all sweet and pet you then BLAM – some sort of HEALTH CARE related activity happens. They are sneaky and I don’t care if you give me a cookie when I get ready to leave. SO THERE.

I hate it when I am enjoying my “Girls Only Friday” at the dog park and Mom says it is time to go home. I want to play Mom, it is my one job and I do it well, so don’t make me go home so soon.

No offense to my human, but I really can’t stand it when she sings in the car. Long trips are endless due to her tone deaf, non-stop singing. Just shut up and drive!

I don’t like it when my human goes somewhere in my Jeep with out me (Kaos, my sort sister and I are unanimous about this one)! People shouldn’t go anywhere in the Jeep without their four-footed pal along.

I get annoyed when the Pizza Guy comes and my human won’t let me near the door to personally thank him! For heavens sake let me at least give the guy a doggie kiss – after all he is bringing manna from heaven right to our door.


I get annoyed when Dory conveniently forgets her name after I have called her.

I get annoyed when Boston drivers blare the horn when I am driving safely.

I dislike waiting in line to check out in the mall – this is why we have the Internet and can shop on-line.

I get annoyed when people assume large black dogs are mean and aggressive. Don’t judge a beautiful, trained and loving dog by the color of its fur!!

I hate it when adults discipline their children inappropriately in public. As an educator, it is just so frustrating.

I get annoyed when Dory counter surfs. I have tried everything to curb this, and some days I just simple forget and Dory gets whatever I left behind on the counter.

Football announcers really annoy me. They shouldn’t be pro-one team and anti-another team. It makes watching a game very irritating, all they should be doing is announcing the game and giving fair and accurate information on both teams. This team bashing behavior is just so wrong and not good role modeling for children.

So we are tagging, Charlie the Golden, Peanut, Sparky and Lizzy, the Brat Pack and Lenny!

(OOPS - Lizzy and Sparky, please forgive my human she is losing her mind, we realized after the fact that we had read your annoyance post a few days ago - SORRY! Just ignore the tagging!)


Lenny said...

Hey Dory and Liza! My mom totally agrees with Liza about Brent Musberger - he always cheers for Michigan and against Ohio State, which really bothers her.

I'm working on my seven things! Thanks for the tag!

Your friend, Lenny

Peanut said...

Oh we will do this in a couple days. thanks for tagging us. My mom says she hates to shop to and loves the internet for that reason.

Tofu Burger said...

Hi Dory, I love your blog! I am the same way with the pizza guy... one time I even held onto his pant leg until he bent down and let me sniff the box!


Maggie & Mitch said...

It's all mom's fault, Dory, not ours! She's in love with Bill Cowher but he's not even the coach of the Steelers anymore but she's still attached to the team! Sorry!
We couldn't help but laugh out loud at "Dory, I have my eye on you!" Our mom has eyes in the back of her head too! It's so annoying!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Brat Pack said...

Great post! We'll get ours ready to post too.

Dory - I totally agree with you about the singing in the car thing. Save me. Dot-Spot

Sparky said...

Hi Dory! I know how you feel with that first annoyance of yours. My humans are always watching me in the kitchen, ever since that time I got into the chocolate cake and cookies.

Thanks for tagging me, even though I've already done this! Hehe, 3 other doggies actually tagged me to list 7 annoyances after I already did, too.

I hope you have a great day!


Lady Kaos said...

Heck ya on the Jeep thing! It's MY Jeep! It's not my fault they don't let dogs have driver's licenses! It's also not my fault if you buy vehicle that doesn't do good in the snow! Don't take MY Jeep and leve me inside and then upset when I want to go make sure MY Jeep is okay when you get home. Don't try to sneak it out of the driveway! I'm not stupid! I know the rumble of MY Jeep's engine!
Phew! I need to go take a nap now.
Your Sorta Sis

Amici said...

My human totally agrees with you about the mall shopping. My humans did most of their Christmas shopping online (including my presents!). :)

Your mom seems like a great cook! She always seems to be baking something YUMMY!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh. I can't stand my mommy's singing too altho she sings very well like a star! I'm not into singing & music...It hurts my eardrums.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer