Friday, July 13, 2007

No Lab Left Behind

Mom loves education stuff that's for sure and when she can talk about education, dogs and children - her three favorite topics, all at once, well there is no stopping her. Mom asked me to say thanks to everyone for their nice comments about her post.

Not only was Mom's post very serious yesterday, she was also very serious this morning during breakfast. She said she had something important to tell me and I have to tell you my friends - I was kind of worried, maybe she was going to send me away or worse!! I kept my paws crossed that the bad news didn't involve bad news about our boat or canceling our visit to Gramma's in two weeks!!

So I sat down and listened to her - and boy was I relieved - it wasn't bad news at all. I think it's kind of good news as a matter of fact! Mom said we were going to be fostering a dog in need. He would be coming to live with us and I would have my very own playmate and friend!

I don't have all the details, but he is seven years old and a black Labrador just like me. Mom says he weighs about 90 pounds (that's good because he will make me look thinner), he was surrender by his owners and he has special needs because he has epilepsy. Here is a picture of him!

I had no idea what epilepsy is but it sounds like this poor guy needs to take medicine every day so he won't be sick. The Labs4Rescue volunteer Glenda said we would love our new friend - he is apparently very nice, loves to go for rides and very social - JUST LIKE ME!

Mom was so excited she asked Kathleen and Wally Cat over at Snazzy Petz to make up a special big boy collar just for him. Mom also said my collars were way to girly for a labbie boy and while we will have to share somethings like our toys and beds, there are some things that can be all our own.

The new guy isn't coming until the 21st of July so I'm sure there will be lots of activity going on around here. I like to share with Mollie and Zach at Gramma's but I have had my humans all to myself for almost a year now. I know it will be hard at first but I promised Mom to try really hard and make our new foster dog feel right at home.

Mom is always talking about No Child Left Behind when she is talking about work stuff and Wally suggested maybe it should be No Dog Left Behind!

I think he is right - we are certainly living the No LAB Left Behind motto! Maybe we could start a movement!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Dory.
You and your mom are so kind to receive that Lab who needs help. I am sure you will enjoy a partner to play with!
Take care

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Dory...
That is SOOOOO exciting!!! What is this handsome fellas name??? Are you going to let him do a guest blog visit? How long will he be staying? Oh I can't wait to hear all about him!

Oh and he and I are collar buddies! I have the same collar from Kathleen and Wally Cat except in HOT PINK (Kathleen thought that color would look best on me and she was right - hee hee hee).

I'm so happy you'll have a friend to play with! Lots of Licks, Ruby

Lady Kaos said...

Wow! You'll have someone to play with all day long now! He looks like a very nice lab. I bet you two will have tons of fun together!

Maggie said...

oh Dory! You're going to have a brother to play with - well sort of a brother! Maybe your mom will come to love him and he'll be a permanent fixture at your house! This is such awesome news! Congratulations!

Love ya lots,

Gus said...

We're glad you are getting a pal to play with, at least for a while. We are tagging you for a round of "post a smiley picture of you", and then you can tag others if you wish. Show us all how happy you are about your new pal, OK?


The Brat Pack said...

Oh Dory, we're SO excited!! That's too cool that you guys are going to foster him!

We can't wait to see lots of pics. Oh, and Thrawn said don't worry about the seizures too much. They suck, but they look worse than they really are.

Gus said...

Dory: I forgot to tell you that my friend and Nigel's best dog buddy in the world, Miss Rose, was a black lab with epilepsy. She lived to be 15 years old, and took her medicine every day. So we hope you all get along well and live happily ever after.

wally said...

YAY! I would never leave a lab behind. In fact I love following lab behinds because then I can pull on their tails! When my lab sissy Morgan would fetch I would GRAB HER TAIL so she couldn't get away from me too fast.

How COOL that you get to foster a dog! I hope you love him. But labs are hard not to love.


Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Dory,
This is so exciting!!! We bet you are going to have so much fun with a new pal around the house. We luv the new collar you are getting him. So kewl!! As long as he gets his medicine, he'll be just like any other normal doggie. If things go good between both of you, are you thinking of keeping him?? Hope so!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Charlie said...

Yeah, No Dog Left Behind! We like that!!
- Charlie

Peanut said...

Oh exciting. My mom says one of the dogs she had growing up had seizures (which I guess is what epilipsy is) and he was good with his medicine.

FleasGang said...

We can't wait to hear more about your new brother, Dory. If you play your cards right, maybe this will be his forever home ;-)

The FleasGang

Lee :) said...

Ya! What a wonderful thing that you are able to foster a lab. That is fantastic! We agree with Thrawn and long as you stay on the medicine...the lab should be okay. (And routine vet visits).

Best of Luck! Congratulations!

Kerrio said...

That is so cool that you will be fostering an epi dog. Have you had an epi before?

Do you think he might stay?

(Our Megan is epi and so was Hobo - so if you need any adice/support etc feel free to email me!)


Ferndoggle said...

DoG bless you Liza (and Dory!). I'm always in awe over the generosity of folks. We'd love to foster but kinda have our hands full with the grumpy crew!

RE: the hedgehog...we grow 'em big in Western PA!! If you want to send your snail mail addy to ferndoggleblog at yahoo dot com, we'll send a big fat one for Dory & her new foster brother to share!! It's the least we can do!!

You guys rock!

Sherman, Penny Lola & Jen

Flori said...

You are really lucky, Liza, to get a brand new playmate. Maybe he'll like to cuddle as well!?

licks from Flori