Saturday, July 07, 2007

Friday is Dory Day!

Hey there friends! Even though we are technically on vacation this week, Mom and I still had our "Girls Only" Friday afternoon together. Of course we did all the usual things, but we also went someplace very special.

All my friends like Maggie and Mitch have been out with their humans having ice cream so after weeks of begging - Mom finally relented! We headed over to
Treadwell's Ice Cream in Peabody and here is what happened.

Have a happy, happy weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Dory

** 7/8/07 Dory Note: Everyone has been so complimentary on my latest "short subject" (as they say in the biz) video - Thanks!! FYI my human ate her ice cream cone with one hand and shot footage with the other - thus resulting in our less than stellar camera work. Mom managed to eat her ice cream but was nice enough to give me her cone after filming so I could have the full experience. The music is "Laura's Zest" from last season's Project Runway finale. They had the downloadable clip on Blogging Project Runway. My mom thought it was fun and peppy so she suggested it for our video, she also has it on her MP3 player when she goes to the Y.


The Brat Pack said...

OMD, that was a RIOT!!!!!

The Brat Pack's Mom ;)

PS They haven't watched yet because I can't leave for ice cream right now!!

Joe Stains said...

This was a great video, we loved the music!!!

Peanut said...

That was so funny. Plus mom was moving along with the music.

Ruby Bleu said...

What an awesome funny! So the big question...did you're Mom's ice cream melt while she was filming you????

Lots of Licks, Ruby...hopefully ice cream bound very soon!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Dory.
I understand you. My mom enjoys more watching me eating my ice cream than eating hers!
Fortunatelly we have ice crem in our freezer because right now we are drooling!
Thanks for sharing your first experience!!
Have a good night

Marvin The Dog said...

Over two minutes watching you eat ice cream was just not enough for me!

I have never eaten ice cream, and I see your instructions at the end - so I am going to use my charms on my Jeannie to get some right now!

love and licks, and great video! and the music was cooooool too!

Marvin xxxxx

Maggie said...

I love Ruby's comment! What did happen to your cone Liza? Did it melt all over your hand and then Dory had to help you out with yours too? Isn't ice cream the bestest stuff in the whole wide world Dory??!! I'm so glad you got a whole cup of it!

Love ya lots,

wally said...

This is totally doggy porn--watching dogs eat ICE CREAM! And now I want my own cup. My favorite part of the video was when you told my ma ape to get off her bum and get me some scream!


ps My ma ape was very impressed by your video, especially the music selection.

Cairo The Boxer said...

That is a great video!!! WOW!!!

Charlie said...

What a great video! If Charlie scores some ice cream, he'll have you to thank!!
- Charlie's mom

Lady Kaos said...

Great video!! I am really hungry for icecream now! When Mom and Dad get icecream they usually share a few bites. I've never had my own bowl before. I am definately talking to Mom about this. Ice cream in a Jeep, that had to be a perfect day!
Your very jealous Sis