Monday, July 16, 2007

Back to Work....

We had a great weekend - full of fun and frolicking, but now sadly it's back to work Monday!

My foster brother's new collar arrived today - Kathleen and Wally Cat are the fastest collar makers ever!! Mom has been rushing around washing dog blankets and bed covers and making sure we have everything we need so when my foster brother arrives he will feel right at home!!

The Labs4Rescue lady, Glenda, sent us a short video clip of my new foster brother and LabraDory TV put the clip together with some music for your enjoyment!

I also have a new video of me enjoying some cookies and the beach, which you can watch at DWB Television - The LabraDory Channel. Check it out!!!

Have a great week everybody - Love Dory!


Sparky said...

I loved the video. :)


Lorenza said...

Hi, Dory
Your foster brother looks like a happy boy!
I hope you meet him soon!
Have a good night

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Dory you and Pace are going to have a great time playing...I can just tell. And my Mom loved the cheesy 70's music your Mom selected...hee, hee, hee!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Maggie said...

What a happy boy Pace is! You must be super excited and counting the days till he comes Dory!
Great video!

Love ya lots,

Gus said...

Dory: Pace looks like my buddy Travis! He's a lab rescue too, only he is part greaaat daaane! But we digress. We think you will love Pace and hope that he is peaceful like his name when he arrives, so you guys can get acquainted.

Lady Kaos said...

Hi Dory
He sure looks energetic! I bet you're going to have tons of fun playing together!

Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

I don't get it. I think your new brother looks like a lot of fun, but for some reason my mama is crying and crying and crying...

She's odd.

Congrats Dory - he's going to be a GREAT brother to you...and I'm sure they'll find a good furever home for him too!

Johann The Dog said...

What a great clip - He looks likes load of fun!!! I sooooo hope it works out for all of you. Paws crossed!!!

Great get to know you, wanna exchange links???

Ferndoggle said...

OK...that video got Mom's eyes all leaky & now she can't write! We're so excited to meet Pace...almost as much as you!!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

fee said...

o dory, that's a very sweet video! is pace coming over real soon?


Ronin_The_Pug said...

Love the video Dory! Cuteeee!!! Have a nice week too!

Marvin The Dog said...

awwwww! He looks so adorable!

Dory, you are soooooooooo lucky.

That was a superb visit, and Jeannie loved the music too!

Welcome to your Foster Brother!

lots of love and licks, Marvinxxxxx
love from Jeannie xxxxx ps he looks such a wonderful doggie!

Marvin The Dog said...

sorry meant to say a "superb VIDEO" not "visit" in my last comment! Got carried away with the lovely pictures and videos!

Peanut said...

Pace looks like a cool boy. I bet you two are going to have great fun together.

Flory said...

Hi Dory and Liza,
wonderful video! I am really envious... mostly of all the cookies you are getting. The LabraDory Channel... great name! And I love the song, suit you very well.

Thanks for your very kind comment on my blog! I really love your German, it's great (and so international to add the English translation).

By the way, I have decided to continue my blog in ENGLISH... It will be full of mistakes, but at least more people can read my humble opinions and thoughts (although you MUST continue to write your comments in German, please!!!).

Lots of wet licks,


wally said...

It's a shame he's so low energy and affect. :)