Thursday, January 18, 2007

What do you get when....

Hi, Liza here. The question of the day is what do you get when you live somewhere where the temperatures are in the 60's one day and the teens the next???

What if you add in a cute as a button Lab who scarfs down any snack like items - whether they are edible or not???


Well, in our case you get two cases of the flu and a mystery doggie tummy ache.

First Dory ate something that laid her low. Even after a trip to the vet and a variety of meds we have no idea what it was but she was the first to get sick last week.

While I was running her to the vet and busy with work I noticed I was feeling kind of light headed and out of sorts - sure enough I came down with the flu bug. Between Dory vomiting and my own assorted symptoms I felt sure the the end of the world was coming - then it happened.

Yes, our rock, Chris was hit with the flu too. It was utter chaos! No one was eating, we all seemed to be sleeping 27 hours a day and floating around in a fog - if it weren't for the kindness of friends and family I felt sure we were all doomed, but that may have been the fever talking.

So I am sorry to have been away from the blog - but honestly this virus made even bending my fingers over the keyboard painful. Slowly but surely we seem to be getting back to normal. Dory has been eating and bouncy for the past two days and I made it into the office and through an actual day of work. Chris is sitting up, coherent and plans on going back to work tomorrow.

My plans for the upcoming weekend - scrubbing the house until we are germ free and buying gallons of Purell. All three of us sick at the same time has made me realize disaster planning is critical!!!

More blogging soon - Dory and I promise.....


Maggie said...

Oh my!!! Mom and I are so sorry to hear this news! We're wishing Liza and Chris and Dory to get well real, real soon.

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

oh no! feel better all of you!!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Yikes ! I hope you are all feeling better soon - that doesn't sound like much fun at all !