Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Holiday Reflections

We took down our Christmas tree this week and I noticed that amidst all the packing of ornaments and sorting of decorations that Dory was a little off. She seemed anxious and was under our feet and almost whiney.

Often I am surprised at the parallels between raising a dog and raising a child are. Dory is so comfortable with us, such a good girl and I forget that she has only been with us for six months. I’m sure that Dory perceives the world as sometimes a shifting and scary place. I forget that when she sees us pack up stuff or leave in the car – she may not be really sure if we are coming back.

Dory seemed to really like the tree, she sat by it even when I wasn’t trying to get a “holiday photo” and I’m sure the entire hullabaloo was a little frightening. Of course now I wonder (and worry) if she thinks someday we will pack her off too.

All I do know is once the vacuuming was done and we had settled in to watch football, Dory seemed to get back to normal too. As part of my New Year’s resolution this year I will do my best to make sure Dory feels safe, secure and loved (even if she steals pizza off the counter)!

Here are three photos from the holidays that I loved, not because they were especially good or anything, I just think they showed how happy and blessed we are and they demonstrate how Dory has become such an important part of our family...

When we lugged the tree in Dory must have thought we were nuts - I get the feeling her thoughts in this photo are "Gosh, I hope I don't have to play fetch with this thing!"

Chris hates this photo, but I love it because Dory loves to be where ever "Dad" is and Dad = fun in her mind. I just think this one is funny because they both appear to be intrigued by the polartec gloves Santa brought.

Dory is really loved by everyone in family and my Uncle Harvey is no exception. He loves any four footed furry friend around, but Dory has a earned a spot in Harvey's favorites category. On Christmas morning after being festooned with ribbons Dory knew right were to go for some sympathy and good old fashion ear rubbing!


Maggie said...

Your three pics are wonderful! I can see all the love in your house Dory. You're a lucky lady!


Joe Stains said...

I especially love the middle picture too, its as though Dory is trying to figure out by reading it if it might be a toy :)

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Lots of love goin around at your house Dory - exactly the way it should be :-)


Ben_Benjamin said...

Hi Dory, dropping by to say HI...

Kelleigh said...

Dory is beautiful and how blessed she is to have such a loving family!