Thursday, November 16, 2006

Time to eat the donuts....

Okay, Dory and I go visit my mom for a few days, and as a gesture of kindness we decided to bring back a gift for Chris. He was home alone for several days it was the least we could do.

So Dory and I get up early so we can beat the crowd at our favorite place, Lakeside Farms in Ballston Lake, NY. So we drove over and got a dozen of their famous Apple Cider Donuts, thinking this was a great plan, and it was a great plan because when we got home Chris was thrilled we got the donuts and seemed to enjoy eating them - until this morning.

Now, Dory and I have a different relationship than Chris and Dory do. I am clearly the Mom/rule maker/disciplinarian and Dory and I practice our obeidience skills every day together. We are a team, but I am clearly the leader,for the most part anyway. Now Chris is the chronic good guy, he is like Santa giving out treats, cuddling on the furniture and playing rough in the house when he shouldn't with her. He really enjoys being the hero, good guy, treat giver - but today he went over the top!

Dory and I went out this moring as we always do and when we got back in the house, Chris was getting ready for work when all of a sudden I see him feeding Dory one of the donuts we got for him. I was appaulled there he was breaking up the donut into pieces and playing catch with Dory right in front of me!! Good grief!!! Here was a special gift being used for doggie treats!! Maybe it is a guy versus girl thing - perhaps "Men are from spoil the dog land and women are from attend obedience village"??

I love Dory but she did not need a cider donut today. It's hard being the rule maker - sure I want to break down and give her her own dish of frozen yogurt when I am having some, but I know better and I want her to be a good citizen, a well behaved guest and a healthy dog.

Some people say that having a dog is like having a child - and I think in some ways that is very true. What they don't tell you is that having a dog means everyone (except you)in the house turns into a child too?!

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Marvin The Dog said...

You sound like you are the Perfect Dog Mama! How lovely - we enjoyed reading your post!

love and licks Marvin ;0)

Jeannie x