Monday, November 06, 2006

Collars, collars everywhere...

Today's blog - courtesy of Dory Blue Young

Whew - finally my people went back to work and I got some rest today. Mom is out right now and it is just me and Dad tonight.

Now, I have something to to confide to my blog world audience, I think my mom has gone nuts!! Every time I turn around I have a new collar!?

Since my arrival my mom has had me in a sail boat collar, a daisy collar, lobster print collar, a pink and green flower collar, a lime and pink polka dotted collar, a red collar, a University of Michigan collar(go Blue), a Harvard University collar(go Crimson), a Halloween collar, a Patriots football collar (go Pats), a Red Sox collar (go Sox), a "summer collar" and a "fall collar". That's not to mention the gental leaders, the chain collar, and various harnesses!

I love my mom - but my heavens do I have to have so many, as Mom calls it, "wardrobe changes"?????? I think I heard Dad gumbling because Mom ordered a "winter" collar and a Christmas collar the other day. I think he said if Mom brought home another collar he was going to have to build a closet just to store them in!!!

On the positive side, whenever Mom changes my collar I get a treat, lots of petting and she tells me how beautiful I am. I suppose a girl has to put up with a little inconvenience if she is going to look her best every day. I'll have to tell Dad not to worry, I'm good at helping with tools and a collar closet will be an easy project - there is no stopping Mom when she is on a mission.

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Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Can a gal really have too many collars ? I bet you look smashing in each and every one of them :-)