Sunday, November 05, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree...

WOOF! Dory here, I am sure tired, so I am relaxing with my two friends Ducky the mallard and Woody the wood duck. Mom is doing crafts and Dad is looking at his fantasy football stuff so I thought I'd take a moment to show everyone how we spent our morning.

All I can say is MAN - WHAT A BUSY WEEKEND!! Yesterday we went up to see the boat and instead of going out and seeing fishies and sea gulls - we just hung out at the docks. I was so surprised to see our boat go up on the trailer and get pulled right out of the water. Dad says that the boat is going away for the winter. It's kind of bummer because I like cruising around and having everyone wave at me, I even started to like Dad's smelly fishies that he catches. Oh well, Mom says it will seem like no time at all and the boat will be back out on the water.

I was very tired after all the excitement yesterday and I thought Mom and Dad would be too, but boy, they were up early again this morning and off we all went in the car!! I had no idea where we were going but Mom seemed very excited and said it would be our first Christmas all together!!

Now I seem to remember "cousin" Mollie, my doggie friend in New York saying that Christmas was a great because there is lots of food everywhere and lots of family visiting, so I was surprise when we ended up at a farm today. I checked around all the trees but there were no snacks to be found. Dad suggested taping a flag to Mom so she wouldn't get lost - apparently this was an issue last time they were looking at trees.

We walked all around and stopped occasionally, staring at trees for no reason at all. Mom and Dad were talking up a storm about size, branch sturdiness, etc. Mom seemed very concerned about was the tree shaped appropriately. Finally these two humans got their act together and found the "perfect tree"!! They paid the farmer and said they would pick up the tree in December.

Mom said to me that it will be colder and possibly snowy when we come back to get the tree from the farm. I'm a little concerned about the "COLDER" - because it is pretty cold right now to this girl from the south!! I'm also going to have to say something to Mollie when I see her next week - I thought when our humans have Christmas we got treats - she said absolutely nothing about TREES!!

I'm going to take a nap now, but here is a picture of me and mom at the tree farm.

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BLU and/or Comet said...

We HAD that same ducky the Mallard toy! Is yours still alive? We killed ours. Then we pulled all the guts out, and ripped open its face and pulled the wings almost all the way out. Oh, and he only has one foot too!
Comet and BLU