Sunday, November 19, 2006

Are you ready for some football...

Dory here and whew - another busy weekend.

This was really a football weekend. Mom is a huge fan for what she calls "college ball" and Dad loves the "Pros". Mom has been excited all week because the "big game" was going to be on Saturday. Mom spent all moring cleaning and making food "YUM", Dad was out and about running errands but at 3:30 we were all settled in and ready to go. I had my University of Michigan collar on and the pigs in a blanket were very aromatic.

Mom was all excited and sang "Hail to the Victors" and shouted "GO BLUE"! Hopes were high that the Wolverines would win. Mom says going to Michigan was a family tradition going back to my great, great grandfather!! I have no idea where Michigan is but it sounds impressive and from what I've seen during football season kind of loud too.

Unfortunately Mom's team, Michigan didn't win, she was sad, but she said there is always the Rose Bowl - I'm not sure what the Rose Bowl is but I hope it's filled with piggies in a blanket!!!

Sunday was Dad's turn, the Patriots were playing football against the Packers. This game went better because both Mom and Dad were happy. They had tacos today and of course Dad was good enough to share a little taste with me.

This evening Mom put on my "Thanksgiving collar", it is kinda brown and doesn't really enhance my natural beauty, but it made Mom happy. We are headed back to Gramma's in New York on Wednesday for what Dad calls Turkey Day. I am very excited to be seeing my furry NY friends again - I will have to tell Mollie about the Piggies snacks - they were VERY yummy!!

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Cubby said...

I hope you have a good trip and get lots of turkey. I like the new collar.