Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hey! Wake up you sleepyhead!

For the protection of the innocent, the author recommends that this post be considered PG-13!

Hello - Liza here. While we were visiting "Gramma's" house I got the chance to catch Dory on camera to demonstrate how I see her every morning!

There she is every morning, better than any clock, nose to nose with me. She is certainly moister than my regular clock at any rate!

So - our loyal readers and fellow bloggers should consider yourselves TAGGED!

Dory and I would like to know - does your dog wake you up?? Is this daily? How do all our furry friends roust their humans from dreamland?!?!


Peanut said...

Oh mom says that is nicer then the way I wake her up. She will post some pictures in a few days.

Lady Kaos said...

When the alarm clock goes off, I get up on the bed and curl up with either Mom or Dad (usually Mom) and wait and wait and wait and if I have to wait too long, someone gets a special Kaos kiss. I don't lick, I hover my mouth over their face tickling them with my whiskers. That always works.
My Dacshund sister sits on someone's head (including my head).
Mom says there will be no pictures of us getting up in the morning. I think she's afraid one of us will get the camera and turn it on her.

Your Sorta-Sister Kaos

Maggie said...

Mom climbs out of bed at 4:15AM every morning so when I hear her get up, I'm up! The only time I'm up before her is when I don't feel well and I want to go outside to pee and poo and then I just stand staring at her until she opens her eyes and notices me. It's kind of not the smartest approach but eventually mom's eyes do fly open and she sees me!

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

oh we are much less subtle, we just walk all over mom and dad until they wake up!!!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

I usually wake mum up with my snoring - and I sleep outside, so you can imagine how loud I must be :)


Ferndoggle said...

Lola bangs on her jail door, Sherman whines and thumps his fat tail on the floor & Penny snorts in my face & gives me nose kisses.

I have a pretty good internal alarm that gets me up at 5:30 automatically...but should I be lazy, they always let me know it's time!!


FleasGang said...

Scarlett paws at my head and snorts. If that doesn't get us up then Simon's whining does the trick. Shelly sleeps until we let her out of prison.

Dory and Liza said...

You guys are killing us!! These comments are so much fun - thanks for playing along!!

Maggie said...

I have to tell you Dory that I had a poop oopsie at the top of the stairs last night! Mom was dead to the world and I had to go and she didn't open her eyes and notice me! I'm sorry! But it was mom and dad that apologized to me!
I think it's fabulous that you may get a new brother or sister! I do love Mitch lots and Mitch loves me too. We really have bonded quite nicely!

Love ya lots,

wally said...

Haha! What a GREAT Wake! Up! face. During the week we get up EARLY and usually my ma ape is up first but if not my sissy pokes her with her long nose or I make annoying crying sounds! Same on the weekend when we sleep in (until 6!) and then after I go out I get into bed and snuggle.


ps. let's lure Sophie down to visit us with Frosty Paws!

Kat said...

I'm tagged, I'm tagged! Watch for my response!

Dachsies Rule said...

Andy wakes up Mom by 6:00 every morning by barking in his crate. We all get up and go outside and then we all come back to Mom's bed. We stay like that until Sammy decides he is hungry and he very gently puts his VERY COLD nose on Mom's cheek. It wakes her up every time.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh Im tagged!!!

Im a great alarm for mom too, I will wait & see....if no reaponse then Im gonna push her with my head, then following by licks & kisses....and last I will bite!!! wahahah, thats the most effective way to wake this lazy bum up.