Friday, May 04, 2007

From Dory's Desk

Hello! As many of you know, I am adopted. I wasn't adopt as a puppy from a breeder, I was adopted through a rescue group. My human mom says I am extra special because they looked long and hard to find me - I was the special angel dog that came along to help Mom feel better after Emily passed away.

I also have to say that as an adopted "rescue" dog I have a pretty great life. Good food, lots of toys, several dog beds, I go on trips and I have a loving family. Let me assure all my furry and human friends - being an "only dog" is GREAT!

What has been on my mind lately is MOM has been looking at other dogs. No, not just reading our doggie friends blogs with me - but actually looking at other dogs on the Labs4Rescue website!! I am worried - does this mean another furry four footed beast will be taking up residence?? Will I have to share my lap of luxury life and home?? Will this new dog eat all my food and nibble all my treats and steal all my toys??

This is all very perplexing. Mom tells me she would like to rescue a "senior" dog that needs a good home. Now I love my "senior" doggie cousins, but that doesn't mean they can move in! I'm going to have to work closely with Mom on this. I like volunteering to help rescue other Labs but I didn't realize it might mean sharing my space with one.

My Mom says this is all in the "thinking" stage, she says she misses the days when she was a two dog house, that of course was in the DBD (Days Before Dory). Back in the day, Mom first had Lucy and Fox, then when Fox passed away she got Emily - I guess now that Lucy and Emily are part of the Daisie Chain her mind has been pondering a second dog.

My Mom says "don't worry" and Dad says "it may be awhile before we actually get another dog" - but in the mean time I am going to start hiding my toys! I am also going to work on a list of both my concerns and the positive things about possibly adopting another dog. Our friends Maggie and Mitch are a great example of a two dog house and Joey and Tanner certainly demonstrate that two can be twice the fun of one. Oh and I suppose Peanut does have Flash and Jasper seems to like Jack.

I'm going to have to give this some thought!


Kat said...

Oh man! I would love a brother or sister - I never get tired of playing with other pups. (Well, actually...I get physically tired and sleep all night!) My pop is the spoil sport in this master plan.

Sparky said...

BTW - that Kat woman is my mommy. I accidently posted under her account! My bad!

Lady Kaos said...

Hey Dory! I have a little sister (she's older than me, but I'm bigger than her) and then a cat brother (Dad says he's thinks he's a dog though) and I really like having siblings. I don't like going outside without Sasha because I like having someone to play with and my brother wrestles with me in the house. I sometimes wish I had a bigger sibling to play with, but at the same time I don't like sharing my toys. Mom and Dad are pretty good at making sure I do share some stuff, but I do have my own special toys that Sasha can't play with. Sometimes Sasha and I share the special stuff, but we are heavily supervised so we do end up fighting over them.
It might take some time to get used to having a sibling, but I really like it. I'm very protective of my sister (and sometimes my brother) and I love playing with both of them and Mom says it's nice thta I can go werestle with Gunnar and give her a break. I was an only dog in my old home and nobody every payed attention to me. I don't think Mom and Dad showed Sasha and Gunnar any less love when I came to the family because Mom still babies Sasha and spoils Gunnar and I get the babied and spoiled, too.
Wow, that was a long comment. Hope that helps!

Lady Kaos said...

Holy Cow! Sorry about all the typos!!

PiratesGrrl said...

Dear Dory,

I know where you're coming from, believe me. When I first came to the Brat Pack it was just Dakota. Next think I knew it was another...then another...then another. It's like it never stopped.

Sometimes I don't like sharing my people, space or my stuff but it sure is nice to have company all the time. Sometimes the peeps leave us at home and this way we're not lonely. Plus we think you'd make an awesome sister!!

Anyway, just my .02. Keep us posted!!

Tucker from The Brat Pack
PS Bear is saying he'll be your Senior but I dunno if Mom will let him leave now!

Lady Kaos said...

I jsut read your comment on the Brat Pack's site and I used to get ear infections a lot, too!!! When my parents adopted me I got my records from all the military vets and there were a bunch of notes about my ears and they could never figure out how to make them stop hurting. Mom read the notes and she went to the store and came home and squirted something in my ear and I don't get the infections anymore! I guess the notes said something about me scratching my ears a lot and then they would get sore and infected. In the pet aisle at Walmart my remembered seeing Hydro-Cortizone spray so any time I start to itch my ear a lot, I get that sprayed and then I stop itching and no infection appears. My Mom should have been a vet!!
We sure do have a lot in common!
Your Sort-of Sister,

Peanut said...

Ah yes we do have Flash. I have to say that as much as he annoys me there isn't anything like running around the yard chasing your brother.

Joe Stains said...

um MOVE OUT if this happens. Although an older, wiser dog might not be so bad. Just hope you don't end up with a Doofus Face!!!!!

Boo said...

gosh! why is everydog talking about having a new company now? ahhhhhhhhhhh! i think mom did mention about getting a little one for me too!

wet wet licks


Maggie said...

I think you might like an older brother or sister Dory. In the meantime, by all means keep hiding your toys and keep thinking about it. It is a big step for all of you!

Love ya lots,

Dachsies Rule said...

Roxie says she liked being an only dog but she would miss us if we left. (No chance of that!) It's fun having siblings to play with and somedog to stand next to you to bark at thunder and strange people and anything else that needs to be barked at. We have to share our toys but we have certain toys that belong to one of us and no one else gets to play with it ... when Mom is watching.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

It's not so bad Dory - as much as I pretend to dislike Charlie, I really love him heaps, and I would be totally miserable without him :)


Lorenza said...

Having dog company must be great. My mom always talk to me but I really would like to play and talk with someone from my same kind, you know? Give them a chance.

Ferndoggle said...

Penny loves Lola & Lola loves Sherman & Sherman loves...well, he only loves Sherman. But we think it's great that you're thinking of opening your home to a new dog. Especially a senior.

Good luck!


wally said...

Dory--Wonderful of you to rescue your Mom! Well done. We have to be a two dog house because I get separation anxiety if I'm alone (I figure they have to come back for TWO dogs, right?) but sometimes the apes look at other dogs! It's shocking. Last summer we went to the shelter to LOOK at one. So I growled.

Having another dog isn't so bad, though. Deep down I know I'm the ma ape's number one and Ethel has the other ape. We work things out. She even lets me lick her food bowl.