Sunday, December 10, 2006

Technology - A Brave New Project

Technology has never been my friend. I love electronic gadgets and can become mesmerized by snappy and cute online animation. I have the gadgets, but I can never figure out the technology well enough to do my own fun stuff - until today!

I joined Dogs With Blogs (DWB) - a super nice online community of "Blogging Dogs". This year they did a card swap and I am I have to say I was totally wowed by all the cute photos and variation of photos integrated together for truly unique and funny cards. I was definitely embarrassed by lack of tech skills. There is this one DWB dog, Pappy and his human, who do marvelous animations - so when they created an angel that we could print I thought certainly maybe this was something I might try.

I was already printing out Dory's party hats for her birthday (we are throwing a "party" next Sunday) and since Chris and Dory were stone cold sacked out - I decided to finally try the photo paint shop thingy. I have to say - at first I was just making an electronic mess - but in the end I think I did alright.

I cut and pasted the wings from one image to the other and tried my best to make everything mesh. I'm not exactly a pro, but I came out with two images I was happy with and was able to print out on card stock to make two tiny memorial angels for my tree.

I was so happy I made one of each for my tree and one each for my Mom's tree. It's hard when a pet dies and having lost two in the family this year was just awful. Some people don't like the memorials and reminders, but I like the thought that I am honoring a memory and working through the ache by being creative.

Goodness knows I had a billion things I could have been doing, but it was nice trying something new with the computer and my camera. I ended up with something that is meaningful to me and now I can hardly wait until next year's card swap - I hope to hone my computer skills and really wow them next Christmas!!


The Army of Four said...

Thank roo for the Christmas card! On behalf of all of us,

Maggie said...

You've been tagged Dory! Read my blog for more info. Hey, this is fun!