Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Our tree was held hostage...

Hello. Dory here today! Mom is at work and since Dad is home with the "sniffles" he offered to help me with our blog today. This past weekend was lots of fun!

Dad had to work on Saturday so Mom had to brave the COLD and go rescue the pretty tree we picked out last month at the farm. Apparently it was kidnapped and held hostage - it was all tied up when Mom saved it from the farmer. I had to stay home :( - Mom said she couldn't fit both the tree and me in the Jeep!

Once Mom brought the tree in the house I gave it a good sniff to make sure it was the right tree - you know those farmers can be very wiley. (Oh and check out my pretty lobster collar - it new and my very favorite!)

Yep, it is our tree, the tree got it's feet cut off, but Mom said that it was just fine and she was going to give it a new "stand" - what ever that means.

Mom is not only smart, she is very clever. She made out tree all straight and tall again. Mom said we were going to put the lights and garland on so when Dad got home we could all decorate it together.

Mom cut just one string and our tree popped open all furry and free, kinda like me :)!


As you can see Mom and Dad were too busy decorating, singing and smooching to take action photos of us hanging all the ornaments - but that's okay because my tree is all decorated and pretty now.

I love lounging under the tree waiting for SANTA - Mom said I have to wait a few more weeks, but at least I have a fun place to hang out while I wait.

I do have one confession, Dad said he would break it to Mom when she got home - I ate two ornaments. They were made of cinnamon and apple sauce and kid safe glue. Mom thought they were tail proof and they were, unfortunately they weren't teeth and tummy proof. Alas, they smelled better than they actually tasted and I promised never to taste things on the tree ever again - cross my heart!


Freda said...

Hi Dory and Liza,

Thanks for the great Christmas card. The postperson brought it yesterdays. We sure are keepin' them busys, aren't we?

I saw my card to you in your card photo. Cooools!

I'm glad you freed the hostage tree and saved it. Good on ya, mate. It looks neato. Our tree is a hostage who didn't make it and was embalmed. So Mom and Dad unwrap it, put it up, take it down, rewrap it and put it away. Kinda like a mummys.

Dad says that Echo, a dog of his that passed a while back, got hold of a metal lid from a pickle jar and chewed big holes in it. So now it is an ornament on our tree. Some ornaments are hung to be eaten and others eaten to be hung. Arf! Arf!

I like your blog. Its neatos.

Hope your dad's feelin' better.

Again, thank you for the card. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


P.S. May I add you to my 'PAw Pals' list? That would be cooools! Thanks.

Dory and Liza said...

Hey Freda -

Thanks for the kind words - we are very happy you got your card.

Dad says we don't put our stockings out for St. Nick just yet. Dad did say Mom grew up on a farm and their special thing was feed the cows and horses extra treats in December because they kept the baby Jesus warm in the manger.

I wonder if that means I'll get special treats?? Anyhow - we would love to be on you paw pal list too. Dad loves the kid in the bunny suit too!


Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Dory,
Very pretty tree!! Ours is up, lights on it, but no decorations yet. We hope you didn't get a belly ache from eating the ornaments, hehehehe. Thanks for the lovely Christmas card too!! Keep warm!!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Joe Stains said...

I got your great card, thank you!!!!!